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Read Boruto Naruto Next GenerationChapter 77 English Subbed

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"Summary & Impressions for Boruto Chapter 77:" The Right Tool for the Right Job: Stupid, Scissors and Those Damn Bastards by organicdinosaur

The partial title refers to the half idiom meaning "The right tool for the right job". Or more like, "Even stupid, blunt scissors can come in handy in their own way." But any interpretation, it's about how to manipulate different things to get what you want because they all have their own purpose. All of these words are written directly into the dialogue of the chapter. They refer to certain characters and events

So this title has a lot of multiple meanings put into it which you will notice once you read the entire chapter. Translators will vary widely on how to handle localization and this hybrid adage because it just won't work out neatly. (This complex title is finally a good example of the crazy icon Kishimoto in the kanji style)

"Cover Page": Group (Left to Right), Code Amado, Eida, Kawaki, Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, Shikadai, ChōChō, Mitsuki, Inojin, Sarada, & Sumire.

"Splash Text": Continue on the "Path" you believe in And clear the path ... !!

Color pages to commemorate five years of serialization & in gratitude for the well received and super popular TV anime 'Arc Kawaki': "Kara" Clash '! There will be a decisive new development ...!

(Note that there is a new campaign project launched on VJump for Boruto at the same time as this chapter)

"Scene # 1: The Pill Story, Continued ... (Pages 3-8)

Side Text: "Boruto's Ōtsutsuki transformation in progress. A method to avoid the worst outcome has emerged ..."

This chapter opens in the Uzumaki household. Naruto and Boruto sat across from each other at the kitchen table. A bottle of medicinal pills was between the two, sitting on the plate.

Boruto: "Medicine ...? They will suppress Ōtsutsuki Transformation ....?"

Naruto: "Yes, that's right. At first, it seemed like it was something that was meant to be used for a different purpose. But we don't know if we can expect such an efficacy, or if things will go smoothly.

Boruto: "Are you serious ...! If I take this, I won't turn into Momoshiki !?"

Naruto: "I said it would only" suppress your development. This does not mean that the 'Karma' itself will disappear. Your body has undergone the Ōtsutsuki Transformation to some extent. This will not return you to normal ...

Boruto opened the cap of the medicinal pill bottle. He poured five of them onto a plate and examined them carefully.

Boruto: It doesn't smell like anything ... "

Naruto: "Is this okay with you ...? That's the most pressing matter ... To be honest, we wouldn't know what the side effects were. In the worst case scenario. You could die. That's why .. I won't force you. to do this. I'm saying that this is just one option. You have to think about what you want to do yourself ... And then make a decision ...


Boruto took one of the boba pills between his thumb and index finger. She looks at him. And then put it straight into his mouth. Naruto was completely dumbfounded. Boruto started rolling the boba pills in his mouth while speaking intermittently,

(Her left cheek protrudes slightly from her tongue pushing it into her mouth ...)

Boruto: "Hmm ... Slup ... Slup ... It doesn't taste like anything either. It's okay even without water ... How many pills should I take in a day?"

Meanwhile, Naruto really panicked. He jumped out of his chair and slammed his hands on the table. A meal and a few pills had crammed into the air.

Naruto: "WHA ---------------- !!! ??

Naruto: "DO YOU HEAR WHAT I SAY !!! ??

Boruto looks a little sweaty and nervous.

Boruto: No, I heard clearly what you said! Father, didn't you say that I made the decisions !? Don't suddenly shout at me like that! "

Naruto was still panicking, continuing to speak out loud.

Naruto: Do ​​you really think about it? How can you make such a hasty decision !?

Boruto shouted back.

Boruto: "I just made this decision right away !! I don't know any of the side effects, I won't

Naruto: You! I mean ... How do you feel ...? Are you feeling worse or what !?

Boruto: Well, I feel fine for now ... I mean, in general ... It might take some time before I finish my decision ... But I've been preparing for the worst for a long time. ... Especially when it comes to Karma '. I have made up my mind about my 'Decision'. That's why I was so quick to make a decision about it. I'm the type to be ready and determined about 'Decide! That is all that is in my decision making. Sorry for making you worry about me

Naruto: Boruto ...

Naruto still looked worried.

Boruto: "Thank you, Dad! I'm glad you gave this to me so I can use it 'ttebasa!"

Boruto holds the closed bottle with a smile.

Naruto: .. Gosh ... this guy ...

"Scene # 2: Kawaki VS Mitsuki + Sarada" (Pages 9-25)

The scene shifts to Kawaki, Mitsuki, Boruto, and Sarada casually sitting on the ground outside.

Kawaki asks Boruto why he used those drugs. Boruto replies that he knows there must be some risk, but he made his decision while fully understanding it. Mitsuki was speechless and Kawaki looked angry. Kawaki asks Boruto whatever happened to their plan to etch Code's body with Karma. What's the point of taking this drug now before they fight? If Boruto dies, then everything will be lost in vain. Boruto yells back that Kawaki's plan is still a hypothesis. Isn't that what Kawaki said? There is no guarantee that it will work. Especially since they also don't know how strong Code will become. In a typical battle scenario, it would be impossible for them to win by any means. Sarada interrupts, saying that Boruto and Kawaki have been fussing and complaining for a while now. Shouldn't they just be quiet and be here to practice?

Konohamaru and Naruto were observing from somewhere above them. Konohamaru thinks Kawaki is in trouble because he doesn't seem very cooperative at all. Kawaki said he'd be straightforward: It's not like they'll be quite a worthy opponent. They are not suitable for Code. Boruto replied that was why they were training. To become stronger. Sarada shouts at both of them to stop messing around. They got in the way of their own training time! Kawaki grumbled. He calls Sarada a jerk and then tells him to shut up / just sit there quietly instead of barging in.

Sarada angrily replies that they are trying to do some important training to control chakra. That's the most basic of basics, but Kawaki is acting arrogantly even though he's a newcomer ...

Kawaki: "Having the basics is good enough for you guys, but ... If we keep doing it like this," how many years would it take for us to beat Code ...? 5 years....? 10 years...? Don't make me laugh. "

Boruto yells back that Kawaki shouldn't be that stupid about getting proper training. After all, Kawaki was the first to be trained in ninjutsu. Kawaki replied that was not the point. It's about how much slack they have on time. Mitsuki spoke up and said that he understood what Kawaki was trying to say, Mitsuki then asked

Kawaki about what he wanted to do. Kawaki said that it was simple: They would even like his suggestion too ...

Kawaki suddenly bent his right arm and attacked Mitsuki. Mitsuki wrapped his extended arm around Kawaki's arm as Boruto counters and Sarada sat down and then stepped back. Kawaki thought that Mitsuki's tactics weren't that bad and he even lived up to Kawaki's expectations. Mitsuki said that Kawaki's intentions were predictable: Kawaki only wanted to do actual combat training. Mitsuki doesn't mind getting involved in it, and says that he's fine with this type of training as well.

Konohamaru would jump to defuse the situation from their observation deck. However, Naruto put his hand in front of Konohamaru's chest to prevent him from interfering.

Sarada tries to tell them again that they shouldn't do things on their own or on such a whim.

Sarada: "Have you forgotten that I am the leader of this team?"

Kawaki ignored Sarada, Kawaki went on to say that he trained well under Jigen, ever since he was a kid himself. Kawaki explains that almost all the training Jigen forced on him was actual combat training that involved bleeding ... the whole time it was hell for him. Kawaki insisted that he would rather die. However, that was impossible for him

Kawaki: "I told myself that I was tired of seeing that damn bastard face." I wanted the power to kill that man with my own hands ... Flaunting it with all my heart, I suddenly became stronger ...

Kawaki goes on to mention that the method itself is actually quite plausible. They make perfect sense. Kawaki then let go of the part of his arm that changed, which surprised Mitsuki, Kawaki then raised his right arm to attack Mitsuki again. Mitsuki dodged Kawaki's friction. Sarada then yelled back at Kawaki, saying that he was stupid because his justification for sparring like this seemed extreme. Kawaki told him to stop whining. Did he think a true enemy would wait for him to continue talking like that? Kawaki then aimed his next few punches at Sarada. He jumped into the air to avoid his attack. Sarada then released a large fireball at him (the ninjutsu is not named here), Kawaki then grew his arm into a wider shield to block it. As Kawaki appeared running from the smoke, he threw some shuriken at him as well. They seem like them

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has hit all over his body, Boruto seems a little scared by it. It didn't seem like the kind of attack Sarada would use to play around with.

As Kawaki's body fell further ... He disappeared. Kawaki then reappeared right behind Sarada to strike again with his scissor-shaped arms. Mitsuki points out that it is Kawaki's Kage Bunshin. Boruto arrived right between the two of them, and then blocked Kawaki's sword arm back with a kunai.

Boruto: "Stop it, you bastard ...! What are you trying to do ...!"

Kawaki said that this was just a debate. It's not like someone will die from it. Boruto keeps trying to ask Kawaki why he's so impatient with training, and why he's been doing things this far.

Kawaki: "Oh ...? Who can't wait?"

Sarada says that there is no point in talking to him like this. They had to shut him up with force.

Boruto: Sorry, Sarada, but please don't get involved ... I'll handle this one on one.

Sarada wonders what got into Boruto too. What does he want to do about Kawaki?

Mitsuki: "So the loser has to make a winning bid ... Is that what you proposed, Boruto?"

Boruto insists that's the problem. If Boruto loses, then they will continue training with the method Kawaki wanted. Surely Kawaki wouldn't complain about this arrangement? Kawaki agrees with this interesting development. Konohamaru and Naruto were still watching everything unfold from above, seemingly a little more worried than before.

Scene # 3: Kawaki VS Boruto (Pages 26-42)

Boruto cracked his knuckles. Promises are promises! He reminded Kawaki that they couldn't keep arguing for the sake of arguing if he lost. Kawaki just replied that Boruto stole the funny part, and that he won't forget what Boruto said. Sarada glared at the two of them, who were now walking straight towards each other. Those two are utter idiots. Mitsuki was speechless, and just watched. Boruto and Kawaki continued to instigate each other and bicker for a while until they were only a step away from each other's faces.

They start hitting each other in the face (like synchronized punches to each other's cheeks ...). Kawaki stretched out his arm, but Boruto jumped out. Boruto then creates two Kage Bunshins to do taijutsu with Kawaki. Boruto then tries the Rasengan, Kawaki fires several turrets from his arm at Boruto in response, but it's just a Kage Bunshin. After creating some distance between them, Kawaki then fired a shot from his palm at Boruto. Boruto activates Karma for

absorbing the gigantic energy ball, much to Kawaki's disappointment. Boruto tries to reply with Raiton: Jinraisen.

Kawaki stretched out his palm to absorb it… But then suddenly realized that he could no longer absorb the attack. He bore the full brunt of the explosion and fell backwards. He then looked at his palm, which no longer had Karma engraved in it.

Kawaki: ... Unconsciously, I -... Was trying to 'absorb' everything ... Did I depend on 'Karma' more than I thought ...?

Boruto: "This time, I won ... No complaints from you, right?"

Sarada comments that it seems their match is over, and she hopes they will hold back more from now on rather than acting so rashly.

Kawaki: ... Shit ...! In a place like this too ... Why am I humbling myself here ...! "

Kawaki was still leaning on his hands and knees, trying to get up from the ground. He looked up and saw Konohamaru and Naruto staring at him.

Kawaki: "How sad ... For me to be in such a sad state ... I won't be able to protect Nanadaime at all ...!"

Boruto stepped into Kawaki's view.

Boruto: "At least one thing is definitely different from when I first met you ... Now, somehow I can understand you ... About the way you think ... You burden yourself with a few things ... You have to rely more on it. us, okay? We are your friends, you know ... "

Mitsuki, Sarada, and Kawaki were speechless.

Boruto: "Since Konoha ... And Father was targeted by 'Kara' ... You may feel responsible for that. But it's not your fault ... However, we can't leave those bad guys alone ... It's because we are 'Shinobi. Because of you too, right?'

Naruto and Konohamaru also gave a few comments about the situation. Kawaki had changed his pose on the ground now to lean to one side. Supporting his head with his right hand, Kawaki sighed: "... Hmph ... Jeez ...

Kawaki thought that Boruto said a pretty naughty line. Sarada also comments about Kawaki's behavior, even though Kawaki lost the match. Mitsuki noted that it seems that Kawaki still has a pretty big attitude. Kawaki brushed it off. He said that he would last longer with them, whatever. That's how they do things, right? Boruto replied that it was the opposite case. Those who accompanied him instead.

Naruto: "Continue to do your best and work hard, you guys ... You will become stronger and stronger ...!

Boruto: "Alright !! We will continue the training !! Let's start !!"

Kawaki looked back at his empty left palm, then clenched it.

Kawaki: "... I have to get stronger ... Whatever it takes ....

"// End of Chapter 77."

Splash Text Preview: "Impatience, doubt, and resolve ... Together with the thoughts and feelings that have grown from the bottom of their hearts, these young people are moving forward ... !!"

Kawaki looked back at his empty left palm, then clenched it.

Kawaki: "... I have to get stronger ... Whatever it takes ....

"// End of Chapter 77."

Splash Text Preview: "Impatience, doubt, and resolve ... Together with the thoughts and feelings that have grown from the bottom of their hearts, these young people are moving forward ... !!"

This summary was first published in Mangadia Magazine.Boruto and the rest of Team 7 finally arrived with Katasuke at the Advanced Technology Research Institute. Boruto and his comrades then meet their old friend who is sorely missed.

Despite completing their original mission without any problems, their mission continues: It is arranged for Boruto and his teammates to team up with the others to test out several other Scientific Ninja Tools that are currently in development.

Even though Boruto grumbled about it at first, his feelings gradually changed as he continued experimenting ...? This small additional detail is published in Animage Magazine.

The rest of the summary is more or less the same as the content provided by Mangadia Magazine above. While they were conducting their trials, Team 7 was ordered by the Hokage to start a new emergency mission.

In this arc vessel there is one of the victims of the 4th shinobi world war, whose harunys also died with shikaku but he managed to survive the juubi attack. he is Ao a Byakugan user and is a sensor ninja.

In the Vessel Arc Ao managed to survive PDS4 and he will return to the manga Boruto? well what is the purpose of ao to return and come to Konoha? did he tell how he survived the super big beast dama juubi?

It should be noted that Boruto manga is one of the popular manga that continues the Naruto manga. The manga adaptation with the manga Boruto is certainly a little different.

The first manga Boruto airing was on April 5, 2017 which was broadcast via TV Tokyo. Studio Pierrot has been working on the Boruto manga production until now.

The characters who play a role in making Boruto Naruto Next Generation are already familiar, are Masashi Kishimoto, Ukyo Kodachi, Mikio Ikemoto which was directed by Noriyuki Abe.

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