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Otherside Picnic Episode 6 English Subbed Urasekai Picnic Episode 6 English subtitles or in English it is called Otherside Picnic which is one of the recommendations for winter anime that is worth watching. you can stream the latest urasekai picnic eps 6 sub english here. continue episode 5

Otherside Picnic Episode 6 English Subbed

Urasekai picnic is a novel that is quite popular in Japan. It is known that the novel is the work of a Japanese citizen named Lori Miyazawa and illustrated by Shirakaba. Besides being in the form of a science novel, Urasekai Picnic also gets a manga adaptation.

The otherside picnic manga was then created by an artist named Eita Mizuno which was first published and aired in February 2018 in the Shonen Gangan magazine. Then in 2021 the official uresaki picnic is also adapted into an anime.

In the anime series Urasekai Picnic officially premiered at the beginning of the year to be precise on January 4, 2021 in Japan. and still in ongoing status. Of course, in terms of key visuals, it is very good, the appearance of the first PV is also very interesting and curious to watch.

The urasekai picnic synopsis understands the magical gate or you could say the mysterious door which is definitely not the door of Doraemon that can go anywhere such as tours to Dubai, Watar, Singapore and other tourist countries. but in the otherside picnic anime it is full of mystery.

The main character who plays an important role is known as Sorawo Kamikoshi and Toriko Nishina, they will try to enter the gate one by one in order to save the people trapped in it.

When is the uresakai picnic anime release schedule? during the winter season it will continue to air every week and for uasekai picnic episode 4 will be released on February 8, 2021. You can watch official anime on the site and for urasekai the english sub can be in the english fansub.

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