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My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Release Date Raw Scan And Spoiler Recap - on this occasion will provide the latest information on one of the hottest or popular manga in the world where the manga is My Hero Academia and Mimin will also provide a schedule for the release date of the comic book Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 303 and review BNHA 303. continue to read chapter 301

Summary Boku no Hero 302 With the title: wrong way to put out fire (2).

This chapter opens by telling about the incident that happened to the Todoroki family in ancient times. It is stated that after the touya incident attacked the shoto, the endevour then made a rule where all of his children were no longer allowed to approach or have direct contact with the shoto. When it changes to 5 years after the incident, Shoto is shown watching his brothers playing outside the house. In Shoto's heart, he wanted to play with them all, but the endevour suddenly stopped him and then forced Shoto to train with him.

at the same time, in another place there was touya who was looking at the shoto with a sharp gaze that hinted at his hatred for his younger brother. Then, touya then went to meet Natsu to discuss something. According to Touya, what he had done to the shoto was actually wrong. However, what was done by the endevour, his father was also wrong. Touya said that endevour always wants a child, but when the child is not what he wants, endevour will immediately throw him away. Touya said that both himself and Natsu were failed products

for Natsu himself. He looks indifferent and sleepy when he hears Touya's story because he admits that he does not understand what he is telling and should tell all that to the woman in his family. Touya was then irritated and angry with Natsu because he previously thought that Natsu would understand him because he was his sibling. Touya also said that all the women in the Todoroki family were not good, that was the reason why he didn't want to tell them all and chose to reveal it to Natsu.

The next day, Touya went to a mountainous area to practice his quirk. However, Rei then approached Touya and forced him to stop training himself. Rei tells Touya to respect everyone except his father so that he can be the ideal man. However, touya does not care about what her mother says and she counters Rei's argument by saying that Rei is actually a woman who has been sold by her family to endevors because her parents have experienced poverty.

time changed afterwards. When Touya turned 13, he finally started training to master his blue fire quirk. Touya did all of that with the desire for fun, excitement and change that had been happening to his body over the years. According to Touya, by mastering his blue fire quirk, he might be able to show it to endevors in the hope that his father would acknowledge him as his son again. However, when he was practicing, his entire body was suddenly burned and he was finally considered dead by his family.

In the area of ​​the Todoroki family home, Endevour is shown to have entered Rei's room with a very angry feeling. Endevour tells Rei about the reason why he didn't stop the stunt done by touya earlier. Then, Rei also replied that it was impossible to stop what the touya was doing and the endevors also never went or checked into the mountainous area. The Shoto who was there tried to stop the endevour's rampage against his mother, but his father told him not to interfere and leave.

back to the current timeline. It is told that the incident that happened to Touya in the past has made all Todoroki families experience deep sadness. According to Natsu, all the events that Touya has experienced are actually the fault of the endevors because previously he did not want to teach Touya how to master his fire quirk. However, Natsu also blamed himself where he assumed that if he had only wanted to face Tōuya, then Tōruya, who is now named Dabi, would probably never have been born into this world. However, Rei then said that what Touya went through was the responsibility of all the Todoroki family.

In the end, Shoto is shown speaking 4 eyes to Rei regarding his decision to fight Touya if the endevors can't fight him later. However, Shoto also revealed that he certainly would not be able to beat him alone and he needed help and support from all of his family. After hearing all that from Shoto, Rei then said "crying time is up!".

Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 303 Release Date

As usual, the manga My Hero Academia manga or boku no hero academia is a mangaka work created by Kohei Horikoshi. Manga My Hero Academia 303 itself briefly tells about the journey of a character Izuki Midoriya who certainly aspires to become a Hero or hero with the strongest power of Quirk in the future and defeat the criminals to save the world.

Release schedule Manga Manga My Hero Academia Chapter 303 itself entered in the weekly shonen jump magazine and will be published or released once a week. So fans of My Hero Academia can enjoy reading the online manga comic boku no hero academia every week if there are no obstacles delayed or delayed.

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Now for the official release date of the My Hero Academia Chapter 303 manga based on information received from the official site, it will be released on 28 february 2021. The schedule will be updated on Sundays. You can read the manga online My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 301 English subtitles and Indonesian also in comicfastest which certainly provides read manga online link from mangaplus official website.

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