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Solo Leveling Chapter 130 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 130 release date Spoiler and Raw Scan. You are definitely looking for the latest manhwa solo leveling chapter. you came to the right site. because this site provides information about read manhwa, release date, and solo leveling spoilers.
Solo Leveling Chapter 130 Release Date

Manhwa solo leveling, as usual, will be released every week on the legal site Rasemi, Brotheropage, every Friday. for the legal version of raw scan solo leveling chapter 130 will be released on December 10, 2020. If there is no change in the release schedule. but at any time it can change.

Currently, many people read the comic Solo Leveling. No wonder, because this comic is of good quality in all aspects. Good stories that make you curious, tight rhythm, epic scenes, and cool images.

This time we compiled some interesting information about this Solo Leveling comic. Who knows, this is useful for those of you who are just starting to read. It can also be used as an exciting discussion material for old readers.

10 years before the story in this comic begins, the real world is connected to the world of monsters through a portal called "gate". After that, some people received special abilities that allowed them to eradicate the monsters inside the gate. They are referred to as "hunters".

Solo Leveling comic tells about the adventures of Sung Jin-Woo. Initially he was a weak hunter with the lowest rank (E-rank). So weak, that he got the nickname “The World's Weakest” from other hunters.

A mysterious incident during the monster hunt inside the "gate", gave him a second chance and the ability to increase his abilities (his appearance changed). Sung Jin-Woo then hunted monsters and increased the level to become the most powerful hunter.

Sung Jin-Woo's adventure has several parts or sub-plots (arcs). Each arc has its own focus that plays a role in the whole story.

Solo Leveling was originally a novel with the original title Na Honjaman Lebel-eob by Chu-Gong. This story was then published as a serial until it finished in Papyrus along 14 volumes with 270 chapters.

The Solo Leveling novel was later also available on KAKAO Page and has been translated into various languages ​​by fans (you can read the Indonesian version of the Solo Leveling web novel).

The comic Solo Leveling, which adapted the novel, is also published on KAKAO Page with a schedule of one chapter / chapter each week. Unfortunately, there is no official translated version of this comic. However several scanlation groups have translated and released it on the internet. So you can read the Solo Leveling webtoon on various scanlation sites.

Hunter As mentioned above, a hunter is a person who has the special ability to hunt monsters. Each hunter has a different type, rank, and job.

Type Fighter / Assassin type Tank type Mage type Support / Healer type Rating E-rank D-rank C-Rank B-Rank A-Rank S-Rank National Level (S +) Profession Attack Force - 

Hunt monsters. Mining Team - Mining precious stones in the dungeon (inside the gate). Collecting Team - Collect monster carcasses. Organization

Hunter Association - An organization that regulates and controls all hunter activities, including monitoring gates. Each country has one association and leader. For example, the South Korean hunter association is led by Go Gun-Hee.

Guild - A group of monster hunters. Usually has several teams according to the rank and difficulty level of the gate. Also have their own mining team and collecting team. Led by a Guild Master and a Vice Master.

Gate. Gate is actually a portal that connects the human world to the world of monsters. But sometimes gate is also used as a substitute for the dungeon or the world within the gate itself.

Just like hunters, gates have a rank or rather a difficulty level. Interestingly, the A-Rank gate is usually handled by a team that has S-Rank hunters. Meanwhile, the S-Rank gate is usually handled by a team consisting of all S-Rank hunters or in the presence of National Level hunters.

Monster To simplify, I only divided monsters into 2 categories, namely demons and non-demons.
Demon - A monster that has a world of its own, has awareness (can be talked to), and most importantly, Sung Jin-Woo cannot make a shadow soldier.

Non-demon - Another monster. Some have consciousness like High Orcs, some are limited to Beasts (wild animals). But there are also high-level and conscious Beasts (for example, Beru). This non-demon monster can be raised to become a shadow soldier.

Shadow. The shadow / shadow soldier / shadow army is Sung Jin-Woo's army in the form of a shadow (yes eyalaaah). This troop is resurrected from enemies - be it monsters or humans - who have died.

The ability, called the Shadow Extraction skill, was the result of Jin-Woo's status as Shadow Monarch. Each shadow can grow as Jin-Woo's rank increases. Among these shadow troops, there are some of the strongest shadows who are often present in every battle.

Other Creatures Ruler - A type of angel who represents good power (light). The original number was eight. Inheriting his power to several hunters who are re-awakening.

Monarch - Opposite of Ruler, who represents the forces of evil (dark). The original also numbered eight. Monarch also inherits his power to certain hunters who are experiencing re-awakening.

The mythology of Ruler and Monarch is actually the reason for the emergence of the gate and the exciting story of the Solo Leveling comic. (source:popcultureid)