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Boruto Episode 178 179 180 Synopsis Release Schedule

Boruto Naruto Next Generation, how are you Boruto Lovers? On this occasion Mimin will provide the latest synopics of Boruto anime episodes 178, 179, 180 English sub and storyline spoilers.

When will the ladder schedule for the release of Boruto anime episodes 178,179 and 180. but you need to know that Anime Boruto will have a new year holiday on January 3, 2021, and will return to air on January 10 with the title "Container" in the upcoming episode 181. Here's a synopsis of the upcoming Boruto anime.

Boruto Episode 178 179 180 Synopsis Release Schedule

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Anime Episode 178 Back of a Father Released and broadcast on December 13, 2020, Shikamaru follows a commemoration event held in commemoration of the Fourth Shinobi World War in Konoha. What did Shikamaru come from while mourning the late decorations? Meanwhile, the assistant of the Fifth Mizukage comes to visit Konoha!

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Anime Episode 179 Victor Scheme is released and airs on December 20, 2020Boruto is very happy. Not only was he praised for his outstanding contribution during his mission to the Valley Country, Naruto was also assigned to train him as a form of reward. Meanwhile, the plans of a mysterious organization called 'Kara' are on their way to the next stage - their Project, something they call their important Container.

However, Victor has different aspirations - He is very careful in the realm of true intent and a heart built so as not to be exposed to the other Inner members and to the leader of 'Kara' - Jigen. Victor is well aware that his own body will soon break its limits. However, he must try to achieve his dream at all costs - Victor decides to come up with a new plan.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 180 "The killer, Mugino" is released and airs December 27, 2020. Konohamaru left the village on a mission of closeness. Meanwhile, Boruto and allowed to carry out other missions for the time being only as a team of three until the mission ended. During that time, it just so happened to run into Mugino on the streets of the main city.

Then, Boruto was invited by Mugino to come to the house. Boruto is shocked by the circumstances in which Mugino lives: Not only does it look dilapidated, the rooms are also dry and gloomy. However, Mugino started explaining to Boruto why he decided to stay in this room and conditions.

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