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Black Clover Episode 157 158 Synopsis Release Schedule

Black Clover Episode 156, 157, 158 release time schedule confirmed, on this occasion I will update the latest information on black clover anime broadcast schedule in December 2020 and January 2021. what is the synopsis of the storyline and the latest black clover preview.

Black Clover Episode 157 158 Synopsis Release Schedule

You must know that all anime at the end of the year will experience a year-end holiday, including the black clover anime which has been confirmed that it will not air on December 29, 2020. berikut sinopsis anime black clover for episode 156, 157, 158 english sub.

The Black Clovers Episode 156 anime with the title Awakening power is scheduled to be released on December 15, 2020, if there are changes, Mimin will be as usual for the latest updates immediately.

Synopsis While Asta and the others are busy with their special training in the Heart Kingdom, in the Clover Kingdom, Captain Yami asks Mereoleona to spar with him.

Once started, however, Captain Yami's attacks could not reach Mereoleona, because she has the ability to control the mana in her area called the Mana Zone.

As everyone is looking for a way to get stronger for the upcoming battle, the Threat of the Spade Kingdom that uses demonic power to invade other countries is imminent.

How is their fate? Raised Hope and Despair!

Black Clover Episode 157 with the title Five Leaf Clover is scheduled to be released and aired on December 22, 2020

Synopsis It has been six months since Asta came to the Heart Kingdom. And despite the fact that Asta does not have magic power, Asta is following the training provided by Spirit Guardians to increase his strength to the maximum drastically. Asta must understand more about Anti-Magic, the strange power among all magic, in a deeper way.

That is the means necessary to defeat the devil. As he ends his training, Gaja informs him that Asta should listen to his five leaf grimoire.

Black Clover Episode 158 anime with the title of the Emergence of Hope and Despair which is scheduled to be released and aired on January 5, 2021 (Spade Arc)

Synopsis After conquering the Diamond Kingdom, the Spade Kingdom begins their invasion of the Clover Kingdom and Heart.

The soldiers of the Spade Kingdom forcibly stole magic from the spade folk who were in Candelo's fortress, to bypass the powerfull magic

It is there that Asta, who has grown tremendously through special training with Spirit Guardians, appears. Meanwhile, Luck Voltia from the Black Bulls and Leopold Vermillion from the Crimson Lion meet the Princess of the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechka.

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