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Review My Hero Academia Chapter 292 Ray of Hope

My Hero Acedemia Chapter chapter 292 full review and discussion. BNHA lovers how are you? This time I will discuss the storyline of Boku no Hero Academia 292 and release date chapter 293. In the title of his latest manga this time with the title: Ray of Hope.

My Hero Academia Chapter 293 Release Date

Review My Hero Academia Chapter 292 Ray of Hope

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At this time, the best jeanist has officially revealed itself after being rumored to have disappeared first. There is a flashback scene which shows that the person who spoke on the plane in Chapter 288 turned out to be the best jeanist himself. Jeanist said "that damn dabi, he prepared the time to do this. The time when great damage was done that the heroes couldn't stop, it was when the public's trust in the hero was gone".

after that, the best jeanist then got off at Gigantomachia's place and he said "I won't let your plan work out". Then, jeanist immediately locked in the movement of Gigantomachia with the other villains with a lot of twine. Compress said "it's useless, Machia's movements are shackled". Spinner also said "my bones were crushed one by one".

back to the current scene. When Gigantomachia was caught, Nejire tried to attack the villain who was there and what he was after was the spinner. Nejire said "I won't let you guys spoil more than this". However, nejire was directly attacked by Dabi and set his entire body on fire. 

Shoto was shocked and screamed as it happened. In contrast to dabi, he laughed very hard when attacking nejire and said to the endevour "hahaha this is happening again, you are in trouble, endevor. The young hero who has talent has burned again". Deku was very annoyed at that time and he said, "Stand up, Izuku. It's just a small wound. Here, Todoroki-kun is the one who got a lot of injuries".

Shoto was very angry at that and he immediately attacked Dabi. A fight was inevitable and they both attacked each other. Shoto and dabi then said about the incident that happened before:

1. Shoto: You said you sent the criminal to us, right? Don't you know, Kak Natsu almost died, someone you often hugged and cried about to death !!! ".

2. Dabi: well, if that happens, the endevour will suffer, right?

3. Shoto: tou ... yaa .... !!!!!!

4. Dabi: I'll kill you this time !!!

Shigaraki finally regained consciousness and his consciousness made Gigantomachia even stronger. Shigaraki said "must .... destroy .... all .... heal .... yourself ....". Then, Gigantomachia then screamed very loudly and tried to break free from the best jeanist thread. Deku and the other heroes try to hold onto their gigantomachia by pulling the thread as hard as possible. Deku then said while shouting "move !!!!! You haven't saved anyone, don't you dare say Deku's name if you can't save even one person !!!! ..".

After that, suddenly a lot of Noumu's horde came and intended to attack the Best Jeanist. However, there was a face that appeared from the ground and he immediately beat all of the noumu. The person said "poweeeer" and he is togata mirio. Yes, Miro has finally entered the war arena and his quirk is back to the old days !!!!.

In this chapter, I myself only want to convey one word, which is "amazing".

The combination of the appearance of best jeanist and lemillion arguably also made this 292 chapter so special. It's as if Horikoshi wants to give all of us lots of surprises in this arc that is said to be nearing its end.

For the next chapter, I wonder, who else will Horikoshi show as an element of surprise? Will eri enter the battle? Or other heroes like all might? Well, we'll just wait. Source and spesial thanks to REZA P