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One Piece Episode 953 Release Date Spoiler Preview

One piece episode 953 release date spoiler and preview. watch or stream anime one piece episode 953 English sub. You came to the right site because here it will provide information from watching and downloading one piece latest episode.

One Piece Episode 953 Release Date Spoiler Synopsis

Synopsis and preview of One Piece episode 953 tells about the weapons problems experienced by the alliance. This chapter is quite interesting and more like a cool down after the furious events in the previous chapters.

One Piece Episode 953 which will be released on December 6, 2020. You can watch online anime one piece in crunch ryoll funimation or TV Tokyo. For the non legel sita you can visit or to watch and download.

There are some interesting events in this chapter. Starting from the Wano disaster and Shusui, the terrifying power of the kibidango, and Hyori's secret. Here are the Spoilers for Anime One Piece episode 953.

Shusui and calamity at Wano

One piece episode 953 opened in Ringo Zoro who managed to defeat Gyukimaru but unfortunately their battle process was not shown.

Gyukimaru still doesn't want to return Shusui and mentions disasters have come and gone since the heirloom sword was stolen from Wano.

There is something interesting about Gyukimaru's words. Because One Piece is a manga where every word is important because it can contain references or story foreshadow, it could be that Gyukimaru's words are true.

With Shusui's return to Wano, the disaster that surrounds Wano could end because Shusui brought a savior with him, namely the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance.

Kawamatsu is a fishman?

Kawamatsu was quite surprised to see Zoro being able to parry his attacks. This explains that Kawamatsu is very confident in his strength and also acknowledges Zoro's strength

Zoro who saw Kawamatsu for the first time spontaneously called Kawamatsu a Fishman. Is this true? Maybe yes, maybe not. Here's the explanation:

Yes, because almost every word in One Piece has a hint of a secret. Since entering the Wano arc, we know that various things in the outside world have their own terms in the Wano country. For example Haki called Ryou and Devil Fruit power called devil flow style. Well, it could be that for the Wano people the fishman is called Kappa.

No, because we don't know if there are still races in Wano that we didn't know before, namely the Yokai race considering that the Wano arc is a special arc because it elevates Japan in the world of One Piece. However, this speculation is very weak because Big Mom, who is said to have owned almost all races in the world, has never mentioned the Yokai race and it seems we have never seen a race like Yokai in the Whole Cake Island arc.

Importance of Otama

Otama tamed Old Maid and made him friends. This made Raizo very surprised because Otama was so terrifying. How important is Otama's role?

From the start, we already knew that Oda-Sensei used Momotaro's story as one of his references for the Wano arc. In his story, Momotaro uses kibidango to make friends so he can fight Oni in Onigashima.

So we can say that Momonosuke is Momotaro and Otama is Kibidango who helped him get friends to defeat the Oni or Kaido.

Then can Kibidango be used to tame Kaido? Not necessarily.

Although it's not certain, it looks like Kibidango's power can only apply to SMILE eaters. This confirms the SMILE deficiency of the original devil fruit.

The Yakuza bosses left

If all this time we saw that Hyou's grandfather was a kind and polite yakuza boss, then in One Piece episode 952 we witnessed cruel Yakuza bosses.

The bosses immediately caught Luffytaro who called Hyou's grandfather and threatened to torture him like cutting fingers or pulling nails. Reminiscent of yakuza films.

But they were very obedient to Grandpa Hyou. Each of these yakuza bosses has a territory in each of the Wano islands. This again confirms that Hyou's grandfather is a very important person.

Alliance weapon issue

It turns out that it is true that the one who stole Onigashima's plan was Ashura Douji. This made Kinemon very happy. But the alliance still has a problem, namely a lack of weapons.

Well, we can see that One Piece episode 953 implies that Gyukimaru, who likes to steal weapons, will be the solution to this problem, moreover, it turns out that he knows Kawamatsu. That way, the alliance's problems were resolved.

Hyori's secret

One Piece episode 953 brings together Hyori and Kawamatsu. Here we finally find out how Kawamatsu got separated from Hyori. It was Hyori who left Kawamatsu.