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10 Benefits of Coconut Water for Pregnant Women

You may have even seen coconut water touted for pregnancy-related benefits like speeding up labor and taking the edge off morning sickness — but are these claims for real? And when you’re pregnant, does cracking open a can come with any caveats?

Here’s what you need to know about coconut water and pregnancy.

Typically, foods that make the “don’t eat” list for pregnant women are those that have potential for harmful bacterial growth. (We see you — and miss you — sushi and soft cheeses.) For this reason, many moms-to-be wonder if pasteurized (or even unpasteurized) coconut water is safe to drink.

If this sounds like a familiar concern, you can put your mind at ease. Many commercially available forms of coconut water (such as VitaCoco and Zico) have been pasteurized, ensuring their safety for pregnant women.

Even many nonpasteurized “cold-pressed” coconut waters (such as Harmless Harvest) use a microfiltration process to remove bacteria and create a sterile product. It’s important, though, to keep these beverages refrigerated and consume them before printed freshness dates. And if you have any questions about their safety procedures, direct them to the manufacturer.

The other place you can direct food safety questions? Your doctor. Always check in with your physician with concerns about any food or beverage during pregnancy.

Coconut water may be refreshing and tasty, but science has yet to conclusively link it to dramatic health claims. However, it does contain some important nutrients and might have some pregnancy-specific benefits.
10 Benefits of Coconut Water for Pregnant Women
1. Coconut water as an antioxidant

According to experts, coconut water contains electrolytes and antioxidants.

When the environmental conditions are getting worse, pollution is increasingly filling the air everywhere, the antioxidants are needed by the body. Especially for women who are pregnant, this antioxidant is needed.

Apart from fruits, antioxidants can be obtained from coconut water. So when you get bored eating fruits, pregnant women can drink coconut water.

2. Coconut water clarifies amniotic fluid

Besides containing electrolytes and antioxidants, the benefits of coconut water for pregnant women is to make amniotic water clean and clear.

Both substances can absorb mucus and impurities in amniotic fluid.

So if someone says drinking coconut water will make a baby's skin white, that's wrong. Because the truth is coconut water makes clean water, not the skin of the baby. Meanwhile, to make her baby's hair become fertile and good, there has been no research.

3. Coconut water maintains a healthy weight

Coconut water is fat free and low in calories. The benefits of coconut water for pregnant women next is to maintain a healthy weight.

When pregnancy adds extra weight to your body, coconut water prevents fat accumulation by removing bad cholesterol. This is an excellent substitute for sugar drinks and helps the growing mother and fetus to be healthy and fit.

4. Coconut water accelerates fetal growth

Coconut water offers all nutrients to the mother, it is important to maintain and improve her health.

Therefore, improving health, growth, and proper nutrition for the baby in the womb.

5. Coconut water alleviates heartburn and constipation

Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause several problems such as stomach ulcers, constipation, and digestive disorders.

The content of dietary fiber that is rich in coconut water strengthens the digestive system, improves digestion, regulates pH levels, and prevents constipation.

Coconut water is also a very good laxative. It increases metabolism and detoxifies your body. Coconut water is a natural acid neutralizer, and can therefore prevent heartburn.

6. Coconut water increases amniotic fluid

Drinking coconut water improves the overall health and environment of your fetus. Drinking coconut water especially in the third trimester increases the level of amniotic fluid and increases blood volume and circulation.

It is recommended for pregnant women to drink green coconut water routinely from the age of 6 months of pregnancy until the time of delivery.

7. Prevent urinary tract infections

Many pregnant women who complain of urinary tract infections or urinary tract infections. Coconut water is a diuretic that will make pregnant women urinate smoothly and prevent pregnant women from urinary tract infections.

8. Reducing body aches

A body that is achy and often tired can be caused by a less smooth blood flow. For pregnant women, there are more benefits of coconut water for pregnant women that can be applied to reduce body aches. Coconut water can expedite blood circulation so that fatigue and aches can be reduced.

9. Maintain Healthy Digestive System

Digestive system diseases should always be prevented because they can interfere with daily activities, especially if digestive system diseases occur in pregnant women. Therefore, to maintain a healthy digestive system, pregnant women are encouraged to drink green coconut water regularly.

10. Prevent Various Diseases

Has been explained above that coconut water is a natural antioxidant that is needed by the body. In addition, coconut water also contains lauric acid which can prevent various diseases.