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Susanoo Zoro Will Appear in the One Piece Arc Wano

One Piece has entered a new arc, the Wano arc. In this Wano arc there might be a big war involving various parties including the Mugiwara Crew, the samurai, Kaido, Supernova and also the big mom, maybe there are others. But in this arc the main point of view is Luff et al's fight against Kaido, which is certain when it will happen. In the Wano arc the jiga Shogun Orochi is introduced which can turn into an eight-headed snake. According to friends who will defeat Orochi? Let us see below.

Susanoo is in Japanese mythology a god sent to earth, Susanoo fought with Yamata no Orochi an 8-headed dragon snake. Orochi when he wanted to eat a girl but stopped by Susanoo. When cutting off its tail, Susanoo got a sword called Kusanagi no Tsurugi and was used to kill Yamata no Orochi.

In One Piece, Shogun Orochi can turn into an 8-headed Dragon Snake or in Japanese mythology known as Yamata no Orochi. In other anime series there are also characters such as Orochi, for example in Naruto there is Orochimaru. In the Naruto anime, Orochimaru is defeated by Sasuke who has the power of Susanoo and also has the Kusanagi sword. So now the question is who will become Susano'o or who has the power of Susanoo in the One Piece world?

Chances are that it will be Susanoo in One Piece Zoro or maybe one of the nine swords or it could be Momonosuke.

Zoro has a very great sword ability in One Piece, who agrees if Zoro will kill Orochi. It is likely that the sword that will be intended by Kusanagi in One Piece is Shusui because it was once used by Ryuma to kill dragons.

9 Swords, they are 9 loyal Oden followers and they have received the task to avenge the Kozuki clan to kill the Shogun Orochi. It could be that one of them has the power of Susanoo.

Momonosuke is the son of Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke has the possibility that it is he who will kill Orochi because he is Oden's son, although still small Momonosuke has a mysterious power where an old elephant named Zunisa obeys Momonosuke's orders.

According to friends who will later kill Orochi and get the Susanoo title? If I were one of the 9 swords, because maybe Zoro would face Kaido's men, King, queen, jack,  or the flying six?