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9 Facts of Hatake Kakashi in the Naruto Anime

Anime lover know who Hatake kakashi is. Yes, he is a character in the Naruto and Borut manga and anime series. Kakashi is a Konoha shinobi, he is the son of a great ninja in his village named Sakumo. Not much different from his father, Kakashi is also a great shinobi even he is considered one of the most great jounin in Konohagakure.

In Konoha besides completing the mission given by the Hokage, Kakashi worked as a teacher. Rumor has it that before meeting Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, he was a teacher who was very hard in educating and had difficulty graduating students. Before becoming a teacher he also joined as Anbu.

As a student of the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, Kakashi's achievements were also quite extraordinary. In more detail, let's look at the following facts about Kakashi:

1. A Ninja Genius

Kakashi is a skilled ninja, this has been seen when he was able to use the stance of the earth element while still sitting in the academy bench. Thanks to his genius and skill he served as the leader of Anbu despite his young age.
Armed with this skill and genius, he was considered dangerous by his enemies, ranging from Zabuza Momochi, Kidoumaru, Fourth Raikage, Itachi Uchiha, even considered to be a threat capable of frustrating Akatsuki's plans by Pain.

Although his intelligence is above average, Kakashi has never underestimated anyone else, this is evident when he carried out the mission with his Jonir like Guy, Yamato and even his student Shikamaru. When making decisions he always gave their opinion.

2. Bookworm
Not surprisingly, every beggar must love to read books. Including Kakashi, he is a person who likes to read. His favorite reading book is a novel, it seems he always brings the book "ICHA ICHA" Series by Jiraiya. Not only in his spare time even when training Sakura, Sasuke and Naruo always took the time to read a book.

3. Ninja Imitator
Kakashi is called an imitation ninja or "copy ninja no. Kakashi can copy an opponent's jutsu thanks to the help of the sharingan eye that is given to him. This allows him to have mastered hundreds of other people's moves.

4. Often late
Since Obito's death (despite the fact that Obito did not die at the age of children), there have been a number of things that have changed from Kakashi, apparently he also does not always arrive on time, this is seen when he first became the leader of team 7. Kakashi made Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto was annoyed to the point that Naruto set an eraser trap above the door. How not upset, the other team members had rushed off to do other activities while Team 7 was still waiting for Kakashi in class. In the end, Kakashi made various ridiculous reasons, one of which was "I'm lost on the road called life".

5. Mysterious
Why is it said mysterious? Because there are still many things that people don't know about Kakashi. One of them is Kakashi's face, only certain people have and had the chance to see his real face.

6. Mandiri
Aside from being a genius, Kakashi was also an independent child, because he was abandoned by his father "Sakumo" since he was a child, which made him have to try to live independently.

7. Cooking Expert
When Kakashi was a child he often fished fishing after returning home from the Academy. Then he cooked the fish as a side dish for his own dinner. The results of the cuisine are quite satisfying. This was proven when Rin and Obito followed Kakashi silently until he got home but were discovered by Kakashi, then he was invited to eat fish dishes that had just been made, and Rin gave praise that Kakashi's cooking was very delicious.

9. Awaken Susanoo
although it did not inherit the kekkei genkak from the uchiha clan hatake kakashi's lineage, he once raised susanoo even though it was only a loan

8. Become the 6th Hookage
After the fourth great world war is over. hatake kakashi became the sixth hookage with all the capabilities that had been reduced even the loan sharingan was gone. you could say kakashi is the weakest hookage