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7 Sadistic and Cruel Anime Characters Full of Crime

some of the sadistic anime characters who have darkness in their hearts. some of them were good but turned to the dark side. Many things lie behind them so that they become the evil figure. One thing is for sure, these characters are really funny, and even though they are dark, they can also be interesting and funny how sometimes they don't have good enough reasons to become a Dark figure.

The following list is the best villain character in the anime series, from the most popular anime to the less well-known but can be said of quality compared to other characters.

7. Sōsuke Aizen - Bleach
One of the darkest but coolest criminals. just look at the photo above is cool right? He is also one of the smartest and calmest criminals on this list.

Aizen's sadistic crime was killing many people during his experiments and he did not stop to achieve his goals. One of the former Gotei 13 is also crazy arrogant like supervillain should be. With his cruelty he wants to change the mistakes of society but like all criminals choose to do it in a very wrong way.

6. Shogo makishima - Psyco Pass
Shogo has no patience with humanity. For him, humans are not valuable because they can be replaced. He hated that his society depended on a system called the "Sybil System". So then, he chose to force people to "think right".

While he believes in something he thinks is good and he wants to remind people to start living their lives based on their own will.

5. Griffith - Berserk
Griffith is one of the most beautiful good anime characters who turn evil. He is so narcissistic and believes that he is more valuable than the people around him. Just for the sake of achieving his goal of becoming a god / devil figure, he ended up not only sacrificing his colleagues but also the last of humanity.

4. Frieza - Dragon Ball Z
Frieza is probably one of the most famous scary anime characters from the list of sadistic anime characters in this article.

Dragon Ball really stole the world's attention. This anime is a favorite for many people, even for those who don't usually watch anime.

While the figure of Frieza has an eloquent nature that has a dark mood that is quite impressive and likes to mock his opponents before killing them. He is not only ready to kill anyone who gets in his way but is clearly enjoying the suffering his opponents feel.

Frieza is clearly the most entertaining, fun but cruel villain of the anime which will certainly make the Dragon Ball spectacle more interesting. This is proven, even though Frieza is already dead but Frieza's figure seems to be continuously reborn in the latest appearance of course.

3. Hisoka Hunter x Hunter
Hisoka Shou Tucker is a lone criminal, his bad temper is selfishness, he doesn't even care about anything but himself. Meanwhile, his passion is to find an opponent as strong as himself, who can challenge him to fight. However, he was also quite sadistic, he really enjoyed when he managed to create intense pain and humiliate all of his opponents before killing them.

Hisoka is a manipulative sociopathic killer. Mimin believes this one figure will make you addicted to watching Hunter X Hunter, which is one of the darkest anime series.

2. Shou Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Creepy, crazy, dark maybe these words are appropriate for this one character. Shou only has the appearance in the Full Metal series.

He is a soft-spoken alchemist whose obsession drives his extreme nature. In the end he did one of the most horrific and immoral acts in the series, namely that he conducted experiments on his own little girls.

1. Light Yagami / First Kira - Death Note
Death Note is the best psychological and dark anime show that you can start watching even if you are new to anime. This series is one of the most famous anime and most liked by connoisseurs of anime. However, it wasn't because of that Light Yagami was first on this list.

Light Yagami began as a good character, but after finding a book called "Death Note" he quickly turned into a crazy person. With godlike abilities because of the new power given by the book to him. like acting like Tuha he tries hard to shape the world in accordance with his own desires and ideals, so that he really gets lost and becomes dark to interrupt.