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7 Haruno Sakura Achievements in Naruto Anime

It's not that much Sakura-san has been around for a long time, Sakura considers a character that is only a burden on Team 7. But actually it's not like that compared to Naruto and Sasuke Sakura haven't been able to match their strength. but sakura is not a burden for Team 7.

but since learning with the 5th sakura hoogake is able to control chakra perfectly and has tremendous strength. Here are 8 achievements made by Haruno Sakura in the Naruto anime

1. The talented Medical Ninja
Already trained as a Medical ninja since he was 12 years old, he became one of the talented Medical ninja at the age of 15 years. He has studied a lot of medical science and ninja medicine. In addition, he is also immune to poisons and so on.

2. Defeat Sasori
Even with Chiyo's help, it hasn't been proven that Sakura's physical strength isn't the main. Being able to win one of the Akatsuki members is also clearly an achievement.

3. Mastering good chakra control

Sakura can walk on the compilation tree Naruto can't. The Sakura Chakra Control is among the best. His physical strength is also controlled by his chakra which can be controlled properly. Important as a Medical ninja, managing clear chakra is very important. It's wrong to give chakra to someone else, eh instead he who runs out of chakra is excreted.

4. Mastering the Byakugo

Not everyone can master Byakugo. In contact with the points, Sakura can master Byakugo because of controlling her good chakra. Even Shizune, who had been with Tsunade for a long time, could not master it.

5. Save many people in war

Guarding the Medical division, there were many ninja he saved. Not to mention the compilation of heating up conditions, Sakura helped the lives of many people with Katsuyu. He also helped Shikamaru and Naruto not to die in critical condition in the war.

6. Help defeat Kaguya

One of the proofs that Sakura is not a burden is in the battle of Team 7 plus Obito against Kaguya. There Sakura did many things such as helping Sasuke with Obito trapped in a different dimension or helping fight Kaguya with taijutsu, especially the compilation of Kaguya wanting to escape when he wanted to be sealed.

7. Helping Sasuke and Nartuo who almost died
After a terrible battle that occurred in the valley of death between Sasuke against Naruto. their condition is really dying if possible if sakura does not do help to naruto and sasuke they will bleed to death.