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7 Characters That Have Ever Kissed Naruto

along the adventure journey Naruto's life story is not easy. He grew up without the affection of his parents. When he was little he was even underestimated by almost all villagers. They consider this poor child to be nothing more than a mere bully. Let alone getting friends, approaching people are reluctant to him.

But thanks to his perseverance and sincerity and passion to protect the people he considered his friends, slowly but surely made many people admire him. Who used to hate him now become his closest friends.

Speaking of appearances despite being less handsome than Sasuke, Naruto turned out to be superior in terms of kissing experiences with women, although there were some unintentional ones.

So, therefore, let's see who have kissed Naruto. Here is the list:

1. Koyuki Kazahana
Koyuki Kazahana is the daughter of a former Snow state Daimyo who had worked as an actress. He is a character that appears in the Naruto Naruto Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, which was released in 2004.

When targeted by Doto who was none other than his own uncle, Koyuki was saved by Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. Then, as a thank you, Koyuki kissed Naruto who was sleeping in the hospital, then photographed and gave his signature as a famous actress to Naruto at the time

2. Tsunade
This scene occurred in Naruto Episode 95, after Naruto and Jiraiya succeeded in convincing Tsunade to return to the village of Konoha to become the 5th Hokage. At that time the battle was inevitable between Orochimaru, Naruto and Tsunade. After the fight they fought again for the second time. Tsunade was saved by Naruto from Kabuto who sided with Orichimaru, but this time Tsunade kissed her on the forehead.

3. Isaribi
Isabiri is a resident whose body was modified so that he could turn into a fishman. He once saved Naruto from the bottom of the sea. Isaribi also gave a kiss in the breath made by Naruto when Naruto sank on the seabed. You can watch this event on Naruto episode 195.

4. Ryuuzetsu
Similar to Koyuki Kazahana, Ryuuzetsu only appears in one Naruto movie, namely Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison. Narrated in the anime Naruto was killed by Muku's attack, and Ryuuzetsu then used the style of Ryuumei Tensei, namely giving his life to Naruto. In the process, this move required Ryuuzetsu to kiss Naruto.

5. Sasuke
This incident occurred in the 3rd episode of Naruto, The kissing incident was purely due to accidental, It is hilarious if you watch this episode again. For them this was a very unfortunate event how not that kiss was his first kiss for Naruto. But worse it turns out Naruto and Sasuke's kissing events occurred twice, namely the first while in ninja school, and the second when they were hit by a sticky move from the enemy.

6. Fuuka
You can watch this event in the Naruto Shippuden episode episode 56. It is known that Fuuka is a shinobi who is able to suck the enemy's chakra by using a kiss to the point of death.

In this episode Fuuka often fails to kiss Naruto, because of Naruto's Bushin tricks. Because of the failure made Naruto as a mockery of him. Of course this caused Fuuka angry, he finally succeeded in making Naruto not move and kiss him. Fuuka who sucked Naruto's chakra realized that there was an evil Kyuubi chakra in Naruto's body. Knowing this, Fuuka withdrew because the Kyuubi's chakra was too dangerous for him

7. Sakura
In ninja 4 world war, the Kyuubi in Naruto's body was pulled out by gedou mazou madara. As a result, Naruto's life became threatened let alone aggravated by his condition continued to deteriorate. Sakura, who is a medical ninja, tried desperately to keep Naruto alive, one of the efforts he did was to give CPR or artificial breath to Naruto.