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4 Naruto Strength Jutsu Which is Very Inspiring For Other Ninja

Naruto is a pretty influential ninja in Konoha. Naruto's hard work and strong determination to become a Hokage is certainly very inspiring for anyone. And one of them is the strongest jounin figure in the Boruto era, Konohamaru Sarutobi.

If you followed the Naruto anime from the start you certainly also know how much Konohamaru was inspired by Naruto. In fact he has some skills that he seemed to imitate from the figure of Naruto.

Well, what are the strengths that really inspire Naruto? Here it is 4 list of skills that have been collected.

1. Rasengan
Rasengan is one of the moves that Naruto has taught Konohamaru since he was a genin. After he grew up, Konohamaru's pu level was increasing, but unfortunately, in the manga it was revealed that Konohamaru's Rasengan was still less powerful than having a super mysterious Kashin Koji.

2. Kuchiyose Frog
If Naruto has a frog kuchiyose named Gamabunta, then Konohamaru has a frog kuchiyose whose name is Gamagoro, the resident of Mount Myoboku. Konohamaru feels more like a successor to Naruto than Boruto, because the Boruto instead binds a contract with a snake in Ryuchi Cave and not Myoboku.

3. Oiroke no Jutsu
This forbidden and super magical jutsu is only Konohamaru who inherited it. Although there are actually Moegi and Udon who can also use this technique.

4. Kagebunshin no Jutsu
Kagebunshin no jutsu is a technique that Konohamaru learned to master Rasengan. In the early days of using Konohamaru rasengan needed help from his Bunshin.

Well, that's 4 strength or ability of Naruto that is very inspiring for Konohamaru. At this rate, it looks like Konohamaru is more suited to be the successor to Naruto than Boruto.