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Manga One Piece 979 The Flying Six Know the Kaido Problem

The presence of members of The Flying six in the latest one piece manga is one of the surprises created by Oda Sensei to make a new topic about the Kaido pirate family or the Beast Pirates. There are groups of kaido subordinates besides The Big Three, namely The Flying six or Tobi Roppo, who take care of various needs outside of Onigashima.

It was known by one member of the fying six named uruti who knew the kaido problem. This proves that there is something only the Tobi Roppo group can know about the internal problems of the Beast Pirates.

Then do you know that Kaido has business or problems with the family? but which family? Is Kaido's real family? Is the family of Wano Shogun Orochi? is there any connection related to big mom?

To be sure memmber or members of the flying six have a special mission or special in handling internal beast pirates kaido problems. Well, whoever is the Tobi Roppo member who gets a special place at Kaido Pirates.

1. Uruti
Uruti is a member of the flying six described by Oda Sensei. this fact proves that massage is a female character in the tibo roppo member. The strength of the massage itself is not yet known but this character has the nature of the points.

2. Sasaki
Sasaki is a member of Tobi Roppo who is one of the characters created by Oda Sensei who is described as having a sharp teeth and fanged with a hat with horns and a tattoo from a pirate beast pirate member.

3. Xdrake
Xdrake is a member of Tobi Roppo who is already quite familiar. Apparently Kaido succeeded in making Xdrake his subordinate and got his place as a member of the fling six. ancient zoan's ability or being a dinosaur is very useful for beast pirates but xdrake also has the secret of the sword.

4. Who's who
a name that is quite strange if interpreted in Indonesian who's who or who. Not much information can be given about the member of the flying six on this one. Whos character is portrayed as a man who has a mask.

5. Page One
Quite familiar are the members of the fying six, this one page one who has fought a great battle with Sanji who used the German stealth balck. page also has the zoan type demon fruit ability which can turn into a dinosaur.

6. Black Maria
Another beautiful character created by Oda Sensei as a member of the Flying Six. portrayed by oda sensei although beautiful black maria has a very large body posture.

Now that's the flying six group from the Beast Pirates or a special group of Tobi Roppo members of the Kaido pirates consisting of six members. In the prediction of chapter one piece 979 maybe we will know the development of some new Tobi Roppo characters.