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US Stock Exchange Drops, President Trump Blames Saudi Arabia-Russia

United States stock market (US) ravaged amid a war of oil prices and the corona virus crisis. Even Wall Street trading was stopped for 15 minutes because it fell too sharply.

American President Donald Trump met with his economic advisers yesterday, including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who gave him policy options to deal with threats to the economy. The options include sick leave and emergency assistance for small businesses.

While the Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than 2,000 points in trading yesterday, Trump wrote on Twitter, blaming the stock market's decline due to disputes between Saudi Arabia and Russia over oil prices and supplies.

"That, and Fake News (Trump's designation for media which is considered to be spreading false news, is the cause of the stock market's plummet," Trump wrote.

Trump said a big drop in oil prices would be good for consumers because gasoline prices would be cheaper. Trump also brushed aside Americans' fear of the new corona virus. According to the president, the number of deaths in America due to the new disease is very small compared to tens of thousands of people who die each year due to seasonal influenza.

The White House denied their report issued official guidelines to staff who ordered them to limit interaction and direct meetings.

Source. Okezone