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Wait for Spoilers Boruto Chapter 44 Predictions

No one guessed that Boruto was able to use level 2 karma seals evolution. In the discussion of Chapter 43 manga we know that the role of Momoshiki Otsusuki helped Boruto defeat Boro. In Chapter 44, is it possible that Kashin Koji will fight the jigen that is recovering power? and maybe momoshiki will become the karma seal boruto evolve? of course while waiting for the chapter 44 release schedule and of course predictions and spoilers in my opinion.

1). Inti Boro

Sarada manages to get Boro's core with Chidori and destroy it. As a result, Boro lost his regenerative ability as his body enlarged and turned into humanoid monsters with tentacles. Then, Boro went berserk and destroyed everything around him, but Boruto and his friends ignored him because they were exhausted to continue the fight then they rushed to Naruto.

2). Save Naruto

Thanks to Mitsuki's proposal, Team 7 tried to save Naruto in order to defeat Boro with his help. Boruto and Kawaki use Karma to open the dimensional portal that connects the room where Naruto is sealed with the place where Team 7 rests right now. Luckily, Naruto came out of the portal safely but was unconscious.

• FYI:
- Kāma Rift is the name of a dimensional portal jutsu produced through Karma, as was done by Jigen, Kawaki and Boruto.

3). Boro tantrums

After losing his "core", Boro went berserk and destroyed everything around him. Not only that, Boro also attacked Team 7 more brutally than before, so that Mitsuki, Kawaki and Boruto lost their consciousness upon receiving Boro's attack. Sarada was not spared from Boro's target until in the end he was captured and almost killed by Boro's blow if he was not saved by Boruto.

4). Momoshiki is controlling Boruto

Boruto who was unconscious due to Boro's attack suddenly could move to save Sarada without anyone knowing it. Boruto was seen hovering behind Boro with Jogan and Karma active with a horn on his forehead. Boro who knew that Boruto was being controlled by Otsutsuki immediately blew out without thinking, but Boruto managed to cut Boro's hand and kicked his large body away. Here we can see the savage deeds of a child who stole his father's unconscious chakra. After absorbing Naruto's chakra, Boruto slides to Boro's place and kicks him back until it bounces easily before releasing a super-large Rasengan to crush Boro's body completely. A large crater was created after the Rasengan was released leaving a piece of Boro's tentacles that had fallen inside. I can confirm, Boro really died here.

"My blue eyed boy, it's still so far that you lost it all"

After saying the sentence, Boruto passed out and forgot what he had done while being controlled by Momoshiki.

5). Kara Headquarters

Kashin Koji arrived at Kara headquarters and met with Amado. Amado said that Boro was in another dimension and Code was at Jubi's place, while Jigen was busy recovering his strength which hadn't even reached 10%. But where is Delta now? Koji uses this situation to go to see Jigen and intends to finish him. It seems that Amado and Koji formed a partnership or something like that, as evidenced by Amado's actions that let Koji pass and his usual attitude. Hmmm getting more curious, so can't wait for J̶i̶r̶a̶i̶y̶a̶ Koji vs Jigen

How do you respond bro? For netizens who want to watch the chapter this time, place and time are welcome