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These Sleep Habits Can Make You Spotty! No. 1 is Trivial

Acne can cause insecurity. Well it turns out, certain sleep habits can cause acne you know.

The following explanation is as reported by

Sleep with pillowcases not replaced.
Dirty pillowcases aka not replaceable can be a trigger for acne. Launch and has been reviewed by dr. Kevin Adrian, dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and residual makeup can contaminate bed linen and pillowcases.

If rarely replaced, the sheets and pillowcases will become a den of germs and cause acne. For that change the sheets and pillowcases every few days or at least once a week.

Use hand cream before going to bed
Usually before bed many women who apply hand cream or special moisturizer hands. The problem is, there are some women who, when sleeping, face position resting on their hands.

The contents of this hand cream, especially those containing fragrance or fragrance if exposed to the face can cause acne.

 Eat on the bed
It's really nice to relax watching TV while snacking at night. But the habit of eating on this mattress is not good because dirt from food can stick to the mattress. As a result of that, pimples arise due to dirty mattresses.

Sleeping with dirty hair
Coming home from work and being exposed to dust on the road certainly makes hair dirty. It is better before you wash your hair first and dry it so that when you sleep, your hair is exposed to your face, but it is clean and won't cause acne.

 Using excessive detergent
Due to excessive use of detergent, for example on sheets or pillowcases can also cause acne and irritation for those who have sensitive skin. This occurs due to detergent residue on the fabric due to its excessive use of doses.