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Stomach Acid Disappears Only by Eating These Vegetables

Acid reflux is often experienced by anyone. Usually caused by stress, fatty or spicy foods, drinking too much coffee, or because of irregular eating.

Many drugs from synthetic chemicals on the market to treat stomach acid. But if you are a lover of herbs and home remedies, you can use this vegetable (or fruit) to get rid of stomach acid which is quite torturous.

Reported from cucumber vegetable effectively removes stomach acid. The way is easy. Just provide 1 cucumber and eat 1/4 portion every 2 hours until the stomach acid conditions subside.

It will be even more effective if the cucumber is shredded and mixed with yogurt. Although acidic, the type of lactic acid in yogurt can actually treat wounds on the stomach wall,

To avoid stomach acid in the future, you should do the following.

Avoid spicy, sour and gassy foods (cabbage, mustard greens, soft drinks).
Avoid consumption of chocolate, cheese, coffee or tea first.
Eat small but often (small and frequent portions) up to 5 times a day
Don't eat too late