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Soda drinks cause bone loss to kidney disease for adolescents to the elderly

After exercising it would be nice if we took a glass of cold drink, for example soft drinks. But behind the fresh and delicious soft drinks turned out to save some risks for the health of our bodies. Especially if we consume continuously or excessively.

You need to know, according to Dr. Kartika Mayasari from Klikdokter that in soft drinks that contained several substances such as: sugar, caffeine, phosphoric acid, and carbonate, as well as preservatives. Of course this can harm the fetus. it also can increase some risk of health problems, such as:

1. Obesity
As expressed by Dr. Kartika the point is that too often consuming soft drinks can cause obesity or obesity. Obesity is overweight by 75 percent of its ideal weight. This disease can cause cardiovascular health problems and trigger diabetes. This is due to the high sugar content in soft drinks.

2. Causes bone loss
You need to know in soft drinks like soda has high levels of phosphoric acid. This can increase the intake of phosphorus in the body. And in the end can increase the risk of decreased absorption of calcium into the body and even have an impact on decreasing bone mass. And of course this has become one of the triggers for someone affected by osteoporosis added Dr. Kartika, reported by

3. Kidney disease
Do not stop there apparently too often consuming soft drinks can also cause kidney disease. As we report from reports that according to a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, shows that soft drinks can reduce the work function of the kidney organs up to two times. This study was conducted on 3,318 women in 11 years.

Well, that is a handful of the dangers of consuming too many soft drinks. Therefore, handle this wisely so that our health is maintained.