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Release Date One Piece Chapter 973

Cooming soon manga one piece Chapter 973 nex week. it's been a long time that Mimin hasn't updated about the latest one piece chapter, which has now entered chapter 972, which is still a flashback of Kozuki Oden. In the discussion of chapter 972 this one piece oden was executed by kaido and orochi until he died. Well, this is related to whether one piece chapter 973, which will be released next week, still tells the story of a flashback.

Release Date One Piece Chapter 973

We know that oden is one of the most influential people in the land of wano, although he was a member of D Roger and Whitebeard pirates, but in the end Oden preferred to return to the land of Wano and free wano to accept the outside world.

Maybe that is the goal of the oden where the country of wano is not closed and one day wano can be open in the outside world. really ironic, yes, on this chpater manga oden actually died in a state of being boiled on a large barrel.

but Oden's determination will still continue in the generation of nine red scabbards who are still struggling to liberate the land of Wano from Orochi and Kaido. And Mimin hopes that Orochi will die during the final battle but Oda Sensei is very difficult to kill the antagonist, especially Kaido.

We will see how the antagonists in the one piece character die whether Luffy who will finish off kaido and orochi should also be boiled the same as kozuki oden when all the truth is revealed how this cunning orochi is.

One 97 comic book release schedule is likely to be on our side because of course next week one piece is not a holiday. so for the release date the raw scan version will come out on 27 February 2020 and for the official release date it will be released on the 28th of Friday night at Mangaplus which is the official site of reading online manga one piece chpater 973.