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Only 5 Minutes The Skin Will Be Bright White and Acne Free

I was so tired of doing activities, some of us often fell asleep when we got home. Maybe because the evening agenda lasts until late, while the eyes are very sleepy, so stepping on the house, our minds immediately focused on pillows and bolsters.

Sleeping when conditions are very tired is exciting. But, this is actually the beginning of your skin health deterioration. Letting us fall asleep with your face still on make-up, powder or lipstick, will, sleeping while still using makeup will make the body exposed to free radicals that can break down collagen in the skin, thus making skin wrinkles quickly . In addition, makeup will also clog pores, which will fertilize acne.

Meanwhile, according to, sleeping in thick-topped conditions, as well as providing loose fields for the growth of pimples and blackheads.

For that, let's do 3 easy steps that only take about 5 minutes.

First, wash your face with cleansing milk or special makeup cleanser if your make up is thick enough. Apply cleansing milk to the face, massage, then remove using cotton. Repeat using toner or astringent liquid which is usually a package with cleansing milk.

Second, wash your face with cold water, so that the pores open and dirt can come out. Use a special face soap, and make sure all parts of the face can be cleaned

Third, apply olive oil on your face and lips to maintain the smoothness and moisture of your skin and lips. Leave until morning.

It's easy, right? Do it regularly, and see, what will happen to your skin in the next month!