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For Active Smokers, These 2 Types of Drinks Can Help Clean Lung

Smoking is something that has been clearly stated in campaigns everywhere that it brings many negative impacts on the health of the main lung. But more and more people know the negative effects of smoking, still not directly proportional to the reduction in the number of smokers, instead it continues to grow even more children who are still attending school have smoked.

The lungs will slowly be clean and healthy if smoking activities are completely abandoned coupled with eating healthy foods and drinks that can help cleanse the lungs.

Smoking is indeed very difficult to leave for those who have already tried it. That is caused by the addictive content of cigarettes that makes people addicted. While trying to stop, there are several efforts that can be done to help cleanse the lungs, namely with the following 3 types of drinks.

Green tea
Green tea contains antioxidants that are very high and the content that is useful for cleaning the lungs. That is because antioxidants are able to free the lungs from air pollution and also toxins that enter the respiratory system due to smoking.

According to sources green tea has anti-cancer power. Based on the results of the study, drinking one glass of green tea a day can significantly reduce the risk of lung cancer. In addition, when compared between smokers who drink green tea and who do not drink every day, have a higher potential for developing lung cancer than those who drink.

In addition to the lungs, green tea also has many other benefits, such as for digestion and helps detoxify toxins from the body. Green tea is widely drunk for people who are on a diet.

2. Ginger tea

Ginger can be made into herbal tea by brewing it with hot water. Quoted from, ginger is anti-inflammatory which can cleanse the lungs of toxins that enter the respiratory tract.

Ginger is known to have many benefits, not only able to deal with lung cancer, but its content is also very good for overcoming digestive problems, helps detoxify toxins from the body and anti-inflammatory.