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Effective Ways to Reduce Gout Naturally

Gout has become a common thing experienced by many people. Not only elderly people, still young often experience gout.

Reporting from according to dr. Dyan Mega Inderawati from KlikDokter, not only aches or joint pain. Even kidney disease in the future can begin with high uric acid levels.

For this reason, it needs a powerful way to overcome high uric acid. Among them by doing the following.

Low purine diet
Uric acid is the result of metabolism from foods that contain high purines. For example offal and seafood (seafood).

If consumed properly it does not matter. Purines produced can be easily excreted in urine.

But if the high purine food is consumed in excess, the purine content will accumulate and form uric acid crystals in the joints which cause pain and inflammation and buildup in the kidneys which then causes kidney disease.

Because of that the thing that must be done to reduce uric acid levels or overcome gout is to limit the type of high purine food.

Avoid drinks with additional sweeteners
There are still many who do not know that consumption of food or drinks with additional sweeteners will cause uric acid levels to skyrocket. So it is not surprising that even at this time many young people have complained of gout given the large variety of sweet foods and drinks that are sold and favored by young people.

Drink a lot of water
As already explained in the first point that excess purine levels will be released by the kidneys through urine. For that we need adequate body fluids, i.e. by drinking lots of water so the kidneys can carry out their functions normally to remove purines so they do not accumulate in the body.

Avoid stress
Not only physical conditions, psychological can also affect uric acid levels. Stress, fatigue, or lack of sleep can trigger inflammation in the body resulting in a buildup of gout.