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Casemiro: Poor him, people focus on the bad side even though he had meritorious

Real Madrid star Casemiro felt sorry to see Gareth Bale whose existence was not wanted by Los Blancos fans. Reporting from Casemiro considers that there are a lot of people who are unfair with Bale, especially with what has happened in the past two years.

At Real Madrid, Bale rarely plays in the first team because of injury or deliberately marginalized by the coach. However, Casemiro argued if Bale always get bad treatment that should not be accepted by him. Moreover, Bale has provided many things for Real Madrid.

"Gareth Bale is one of the great players at Real Madrid. He has already contributed to a lot of things for this club. Poor him, people only focus on the bad side even though he has given a lot of things. Do you remember the goal in the Champions League final a few seasons ago? " said Casemiro.

At present, Bale's position at Real Madrid is uncertain. Many predict that Bale will soon leave to another club. In last winter's transfer, Bale almost moved to China but the President of Real Madrid thwarted the plan and said if his services were still needed at Real Madrid.