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5 Signs Your Body Has Excess Sugar, Beware! One Step Towards Diabetes

Many people think that the name is high and dangerous sugar levels only occur in people with diabetes. Even before a person has diabetes, they usually experience a stage called prediabetes.

Reporting from (10/26/18), according to the American Diabetes Association, prediabetes is a condition of blood sugar levels that are above the normal threshold but are still not classified as diabetes.

Through the fasting blood sugar test, normal sugar levels range <100 mg / dL. While prediabetes conditions range from 100 - 125 mg / dL and diabetes> 125 mg / dL.

In order not to develop into diabetes, need to be aware of the signs of prediabetes or when the body has excess sugar. As explained by Brooke Alpert MS RD CDN, the founder of B-Nutritious was published in (01/25/18) below.

1. Sugar addiction
According to Alpert, the more often people consume sugar, the greater their desire to eat more sugar. This is due to hormonal effects that make a person 'addicted' to sugar.

That's why if you feel lately, you really like eating or drinking sweet things and it seems hard to hold. Then you need to check your blood sugar level. Because it could be that blood sugar levels are already high, causing you to always want sugar consumption.

2. Often weak
People who often consume sugar cause energy levels unstable or up and down. The symptoms are that he often suffers even though in terms of ordinary activities, it is not too heavy.

3. Arises of acne
Many people are afraid of consuming fatty foods for fear of being spotty. Though excessive consumption of sweet foods or drinks can also cause acne.

Excess sugar levels in the body cause the hormone insulin to increase. This hormonal imbalance then triggers the growth of acne.

4. Changes in mood
Frequent consumption of sweet foods or drinks can cause sugar crush which causes mood swings. He becomes irritable or sad.

Not only that. Sugar also can trigger depression. This conclusion was obtained through research published in The JAMA Network in 2015.

Through research it is known that sugar can cause brain inflammation. And depressed people have 30 percent higher brain inflammation than normal people. Because it's actually not right when people are stressed instead of consuming sweet foods or drinks. Instead of being normal, even psychological conditions can get worse.

5. Dental caries

Symptoms of excess sugar in the body can also be seen from the presence of dental caries. Sugar left in the teeth can be a den of growth of germs that make teeth become porous.

Now that's some sign of excessive sugar levels in the body. Hopefully by knowing the signs above we can be even more alert to the dangers of diabetes.