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4 Symptoms of Cholesterol in Your Body Have Accumulated

Of course we already know that high cholesterol is not good for health. The reason is if this condition is allowed to continue continuously it can harm the body. Various examples of diseases caused by the accumulation of cholesterol in the body that is, heart attacks and strokes.

As we reported from, reported that according to Dr. Alvin Nursalim, SpPD from Klikdokter revealed that there are some symptoms that are felt when cholesterol levels accumulate in a person's body, including:

1. Nape is uncomfortable
One symptom that appears and is often complained of when cholesterol levels accumulate in the body is feeling stiff and stiff in the neck or nape of our neck. This is because the circulatory system in these parts is not smooth. But keep in mind, not all aches and stiffness in the neck are a sign of high cholesterol, it could be a muscle problem or arthritis.

2. Fat accumulation in the liver
Not only the neck that feels sore, sometimes other symptoms also arise when cholesterol levels in the body exceed the normal threshold, which can cause accumulation of fat in the liver. This can cause flatulence and nausea. If left unchecked can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer.

3. Frequent tingling
Other symptoms that can appear when high cholesterol levels are often experience pins and needles. But unfortunately these symptoms are often ignored and are considered normal. But keep in mind that sometimes tingling can be caused by accumulated cholesterol levels that interfere with the functioning of the peripheral nerves. If you often experience pins and needles and last for a long time, maybe it's a symptom of high cholesterol. Then immediately check yourself into your trusted doctor.

4. Xanthelasma
The accumulation of cholesterol in the body often causes symptoms such as the appearance of small yellow bumps on the eyelids or folds of the body, such as the elbows, knees or heels. Medically, the symptom is often called Xanthelasma. These bumps are cholesterol deposits found in the skin tissue. When you experience this kind of thing, immediately see a doctor.

Well, those are some of the symptoms that arise when cholesterol builds up in our body. If you experience the symptoms above, do not hesitate to check with your trusted doctor.