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4 Reasons Why Eden Hazard Failed Miserably at Real Madrid

Since joining Real Madrid in July 2019, Eden, Hazard has not shown the best quality, Hazard initially became a figure hailed by the Santiago Bernabeu public. The fantastic price makes it lined up to replace the role of Cristiano Ronaldo who previously docked to Juventus as reported by Dailymail.

Here are the reasons why Hazard failed miserably at Real Madrid

Fat body factors
When Hazard first returned from the summer holidays, all Netizens were surprised by the increased fatness of the Real Madrid version of Hazard, many agreed that Hazard's less than optimal performance so far was due to his fat body so he could not sprint with opponents like at Chelsea.

. Does not match Zinedine Zidane's formation

Hazard was a deadly winger when playing for Chelsea, but the title is now lost after he anchored to Real Madrid he was unable to compete in the left winger position with Gareth Bale which resulted in him often starting the game from the bench, and Zidane's throne was different from most coaches. also affects the performance of Hazard which until now has not been maximized.

Can't get the ball throughout the match like you used to

Hazard was the motor of Chelsea's attack for many years, Hazard almost never lacked the supply of the ball because all the Chelsea players used to believe in his abilities, Chelsea differed from Madrid, in Madrid Hazard very rarely got a pass and not infrequently he went down to pick up the ball and maybe that is the factor that influences his current performance.

Injury that always haunts him

Since joining EL - REAL Hazard seems to be familiar with the name of the injury, since the beginning of the season Hazard has been injured 3 times which certainly hinder his greatness to appear to defend the banner of Real Madrid