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35 years old Ronaldo is getting sharper, this is what Messi said

it is undeniable that the rivalry between Messi and CR7 to this day is indeed still an interesting thing that can be discussed among football lovers, not without reason considering the two indeed show each other's ability both in terms of obtaining a trophy both at the club level and individual level.

However, this season it can be said that CR7 is sharper than Messi in scoring goals with the club, which was reported on the website (19/2/2020) noted that CR7 has now managed to score consecutive goals in several appearances, and even CR7 in a total of 35 matches have scored 35 goals throughout this season at the age of 35.

And seeing the fact that its competitors had an impressive season, reported on the page (2/20/2020) Messi who was asked about CR7's performance honestly acknowledged that it was only natural that CR7 was able to continue scoring goals, because Messi saw CR7 as a predator striker and likes to score goals every time he plays, and that is also supported by the good attributes he has as an attacker.

And it can be said that Messi does not seem reluctant to give respect to his competitors, where the barcelona star also praises the role of CR7 which is more impressive with Juventus.

If you think whether the number of goals CR7 can later be pursued by Messi at the end of the season? Or instead CR7 will win the competition for the number of goals between the two this season? Please give your answer in the comment column.