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The Best Character Anime Manga Boruto 2020

2019 has already passed, it seems like many new characters in the Boruto anime and manga have sprung up. Especially Boruto Manga who entered a fun story and made his readers impatient with the next chapter. While the anime is filled with fillers, but the most interesting plot this year is Boruto and Sasuke who went back in time.

Best Character Anime Manga Boruto 2020

But who are Boruto's most glowing characters in 2019 and who will shine in 2020 There are 9 interesting characters!

From what I have noticed, despite being dinerf against Urashiki, Jiraiya is the most attention-stealing character in Boruto's path to the past. Not surprisingly, Jiraiya was long dead in the Boruto era. Naruto audience who missed seeing the action of the Hermit Flirt was finally able to reminisce.

Jiraiya himself still shows his intelligence. Starting from suspecting Sasuke Adults, to discovering the weakness of the Urashiki cross-cutting Jutsu. Just try Jiraiya issued his Sage Mode against Urashiki he could have entered this list higher.

Urashiki Otsutsuki
Urashiki Otsutsuki seems to be quite busy in 2019. From targeting Shukaku, to going to the past to target little Naruto, he repeatedly caused problems for our heroes. In Boruto's path to the past, Urashiki even showed he also had a form of transformation that was very cool and made him very powerful.

Boruto Uzumaki
As the main character, clearly Boruto must enter this list. In the manga, especially Boruto has begun to learn to use the Karma seal and has the potential to become stronger.

Meanwhile in the anime, the Wind Country groove gives a little clue about Boruto's Jougan power. The flow of their departure to the past also really made Boruto shine more, especially Rasengan Boruto and little Naruto made him very happy because he had defeated Urashiki.

Sasuke Uchiha
2019 is actually not a good year for Sasuke. In the manga, he is beaten easily by Jigen despite having exerted full strength. In the anime, he had a bad experience when dealing with Urashiki in the Wind Country and then in the past. But still, both in the manga and in the anime, Sasuke still feels like Naruto's strongest ally.

Wanting to face both Urashiki and Isshiki Otsutsuki, Sasuke was usually able to provide interesting resistance even though he lacked chakra or was injured.

I'm actually very interested in the development of the character of Kawaki. From an edgy boy who could potentially become the second little Sasuke, living with Naruto made Kawaki slowly grow into a good foster brother for Boruto.

From a lonely kid who was always suspicious, during 2019 Kawaki continued to grow until he was willing to sacrifice his body to protect the people he respected. Kawaki also has the potential to become one of the fans' favorite characters.

Naruto Uzumaki
In the anime, little Naruto dominated Boruto in the visitors year. Especially when little Naruto meets his son in the future making Naruto fans very nostalgic about their childhood days watching it.

In the manga, adult Naruto won brilliantly against Delta in the early quarters of the year, then his fight with Jigen made Naruto sealed and helpless.

Overall, Boruto's father can still steal the attention both in the anime and in the manga.

jigen (Isshiki Otsutsuki)
Although in the anime it hasn't appeared at all. But I think, Boruto's most shining character in 2019 is Jigen alias Isshiki Otsutsuki. How come? In the manga he can defeat two of the strongest ninja at once namely Naruto and Sasuke even though he was beaten. That, too, he did with the Jigen container, which could not bring out its full strength. Isshiki's action in 2020 is clearly very much awaited.

Uchiha Sarada
We know that in the latest chapter of the Boruto manga, the child of Uchiha Sasuke has become the leader to defeat one of the Kara members. Even now Uchiha Sarada has succeeded in completing Tomoe Sharingan and the plan is fairly successful

Kara Organization
It is not only Jigen that moves alone but it seems that other kara members have moved to help Jigen. whether their goals are for jigej or do they have their own goals m