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Spoiler Release Date Kimetsu No Yaiba 190

Release Date Spoiler Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba 190 chapter before were nezuko used to burn poison from Uzui, Tanjiro, and others at the end of the Red Light District channel. So for permanent help from the dangerous blood of Muzan, Nezuko's strength might help.

spoiler demon slayer 190 kimetsu no yaiba

But in Kimetsu no Yaiba 189, Nezuko only appears on the cover image of the chapter, where he is still walking. I thought this cover picture indicated that Nezuko would be highlighted, but apparently he only appeared there.

We still have to wait until Nezuko arrives and can help. Especially because Nezuko's body condition is also not healthy. He should be suffering from pain because his body was about to turn back into a human.

There is a member of the evil extermination corps who found the Tamayo cat, crushed by rubble. Once the cat is freed, he fearlessly runs to the location of the battle.

When the cat arrived, the condition of the exterminator was actually very bad. Everything has been hit by Muzan attacks, and predicted Muzan will fall within a maximum of five minutes.

Then the cat launched a serum injection, which successfully dealt with temporary damage from Muzan's blood. Himejima, Obanai, Giyuu, and Sanemi have extra time to fight. Indeed, Himejima estimated that this serum might only help temporarily, but to buy time until the sun rises, every second is valuable.

Apparently true, Tamayo had already prepared himself for the battle against Muzan. Even though he was dead, his help was still felt. Maybe Yushiro also brought a serum like this, to help Tanjiro?

Unfortunately, when trying to help, the Tamayo cat was also torn by Muzan. Unless there is a twist, such as death is only an illusion from Yushiro, then the cat has met its end.

In the past, when Muichiro was dying when fighting Kokushibo, his sword became red like Yoriichi's sword.

The narration then gives a theory about why the sword can heat up and become red. The heat might be because Nichirin's sword received a hard impact, while the sword turned red because the user pressed himself to death, to the point that the grip of his hand became very strong.

Obanai's sword turned red. This sword will definitely help hurt Muzan ... but considering that Muichiro died after making his sword red, I became even more worried about Obanai's fate.

Release Date Spoiler Kimetsu No Yaiba will release on sunday 19 january 2020 yaou can read manga in official site like and mangaplus shuesia.

The Pillars go on the offensive
  Muzan is smashed by Himejima's weapon
  Obanai causes major damage with his red blade which slows the regeneration process
  Tomioka and Sanemi unlock red blades
  time to sunrise: 1 hour 3 minutes
  Iguro: "When I saw the red sword, the first thing I thought was that I screwed it up.
  While holding with all my might the sword in the middle of the battle, I was about to faint for lack of oxygen. "
  While he was clueless, he could feel his name being called, and without realizing that Muzan's attack was coming, he stood still.
  Giyuu attacks. "I didn't arrive on time !?" but Iguro, as if pushed by a mysterious force, moved in the air.
  Muzan is attacked, but someone's attack cut him. "What about this cut? It wasn't the iron ball, and the wind sword didn't cut like that.
  That man came in to save him. There's no way the sword has been lengthened because it turned red. "
  Once again, he attacked Iguro in the air and they cut it again.
  Muzan felt something.
  "I see. There is something. I cannot see it.
  They cannot erase the presence of movements. 1, 2, 3 people.
  "Removing the talisman, Kanao, Zenitsu and Inosuke appear.
  Zenitsu: "There it is! I don't want to!"
  Kanao: "I didn't think he would realize so quickly"
  Inosuke: "it hurts !! Damn worm"
  Inosuke picked up several talismans so there seemed to be lots of them.
  Muzan tries to attack the 3, but Iguro cuts him with the red sword.
  Sanemi: "Very slow! If they cut you with the red sword, you will regenerate the slower!" Kana-Yoshitsune puts a tag, attacks while disappearing, then attacks snakes with ginseng-roosting rocks (Come well! Slightly affordable! You can do that!) Rock's own weapon.
  A spark is scattered by hitting an iron ball and an ax part.
  Rock (burning smell and heat!
  The same color has changed at that time!)
  Attack the misery with the red iron ball and attack even slightly delay the reproduction
  Somehow the wind speaks to the water
  Wind "Tomioka" Oh, oh, oh, get it, oh, you're waving your sword. "
  The swords of each other are greatly sparked Water (the blades are red !?)
  Crows "One hour and three minutes in the morning light Kemadeato!" Wind "Ample room.