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If Able To Sweep 3 Trophies Clean In 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo Will Be Broken Ballon D'or Messi's Record

it is no longer a secret that currently the hunt for the ballon d'or 2020 title has been highly targeted by juventus star player Cristiano Ronaldo, the article was reported on the website (12/25/2019) CR7 has now left as many as 1 ballon d'or trophy over Messi, where his rival has already packed 6 trophies and CR7 has just won 5 trophies.

And in 2020 this time it seems that CR7 has a great chance of winning his sixth ballon d'or, other than because he is in a club full of star players, there are at least 3 trophies he must get in order to secure the ballon d'or trophy to match and damage Messi's record, then what are the 3 trophies? Check out the review below.

1. Serie A Trophy

The first trophy that CR7 needs to achieve in 2020 is certainly a trophy in a series competition, and it can be said that although this season Juventus is competing with Inter Milan to win titles in league competition, the CR7-powered juventus still seems to be superior to be able to win this trophy. considering that in the last few seasons they have been champions in Italian soil for quite a long time.

2. Champions League trophy

In contrast to the Serie A trophy, competition in the champions league competition will indeed be more difficult because the opponents faced are the residents of the top of the league in their respective leagues, and if CR7 this season can win this prestigious trophy, reported on the bolasport page .com (10/1/2020) besides making him able to win the ballon d'or trophy, CR7 also broke the record as a player who could win ucl champions in 3 different clubs.

3. Euro 2020 Trophy

And lastly is the Euro 2020 trophy, which this time is the highest level to reach it, given that was reported on the website (12/27/2019) Portugal is in the group of death because they have to meet with opponents like Germany and France in the group phase, but if later CR7 can win this title for the second time so it is very likely that the sixth ballon d'or trophy will really be obtained.

So if you guys think of the three trophies above, which trophy will be the most difficult level to get?