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Asensio is back to Champions League Real Madrid Keep James

Real Madrid is a team from the capital of Spain being the team that most often lifts the Big Sikuping trophy.

Real Madrid get happy news ahead of the Champions League match, his attacking midfielder Marco Asensio is reportedly ready to build Madrid to win the Big Sikuping, after last season should belong to Liverpool.

The Spanish midfielder was injured when Los Blancos underwent a preseason match which at that time hosted Arsenal.

Asensio had to step aside for months and miss out on several important matches from the team based at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The injury of the 23-year-old midfielder makes Madrid star James Rodriguez still in Real Madrid uniform until today, the article circulated that Los Galaticos's manager failed to sell James because there was an option after the injury of Asensio

Thus Real Madrid is still inhabited by a number of world-class star players who make it possible to win the Champions League again this evening.