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2 Reasons Messi Afraid to Leave Barcelona

not a secret anymore if Messi who was named the world's best player is indeed very identical to the Spanish club barcelona, ​​even reported on page (10/1/2020) Messi is currently listed as the most senior player in camp nou with a period of reaching number 15 years 11 months as of December 2019, or in other words as of January 2020 Messi has defended Barcelona throughout the 16 years of his professional career.

But unlike other professional players who are praised for defending only one club, Messi instead often gets scorn because it is considered not dare to move to another club because it will degrade performance, and in this article the admin will discuss 2 rational reasons why the alien is afraid to move to other clubs based on data and facts, marketing? Check out the review below.

1. Messi owes Budi to Barcelona

Reported on page (10/15/2019) Messi's long journey to become the best player in the world today is not easy, especially when he was a child Messi had problems with his health related to hormone growth.

And because Messi's parents' funds were limited, barcelona, ​​who knew the young Messi's abilities, offered medical assistance on the condition that Messi was a player in his academy, and who would have thought that barcelona now succeeded in making Messi a big star that would always be remembered in history.

And maybe because of this Messi himself felt reluctant to leave Barcelona because he felt indebted to the club that had helped him a lot to become what he is today.

2. Messi's salary in Barcelona is the highest in the world

Reported on page (10/1/2020) Messi is currently listed as the highest-earning football player in the world, where in 1 year Messi managed to reap a total of 130 million euros from salary, bonuses and advertising revenue as well as sponsors entrusted to him .

And although there is a link between his fear of Messi moving to another club because it is judged to make him not play as much role as when playing in Barcelona it seems that it can also be vanished thanks to the 6 ballon d'or trophy that he has currently collected with Barcelona, ​​in other words many people remain rate though not moved Messi is still the best player in the world today compared to some of the other top players.

So do you have any other opinion why Messi is afraid to move from Barcelona?