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Release Date Demon Slayer 183 Kimetsu No yaiba

In chapter 181, Tanjiro and Giyuu who are exhausted and injured from fighting Akaza suddenly confront Muzan. Fan was worried. Tanjiro as the main character might not just fall, but what about Giyuu? Will he be sacrificed like the other fallen Hashira?

demon slayer 183

prediction Kimetsu no Yaiba 182 gives hope. At least, Giyuu and Tanjiro's struggle will not be as heavy as before.
Tanjiro's confrontation with Muzan and i think Kanroji and Iguro come to help tanjiro fighting muzan after defeat Nakime is enveloped in Yushiro's paper. Dimensional Infinity Fortress shook.
Yushiro was furious because he realized that Tamayo was dead. He seemed to be manipulating Nakime with his strength.

we knew beofre Kanroji and Iguro are still trapped by Nakime in chapter 181. But before turning to Muzan, we could see a hand reaching for Kanroji. It turns out it was indeed Yushiro's hand.

Now, Yushiro with his unique demonic powers can help the exterminator to avenge Tamayo.
Nakime's fighting ability seemed to be really bad, if Yushiro could conquer it easily. The main problem with his strength was that he could manipulate Dimensional Infinity Fortress so that he could move Muzan, and he could kill the evil exterminators.

Now, Nakime has been overcome, the exterminator can even gang up on Muzan. Just waiting for Sanemi and Himejima, and Inosuke, Zenitsu and Kanao.

If Yushiro could manipulate the Dimensional Infinity Fortress to collapse, so that Muzan could be burned by the sun, it would be even better.