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Where Read Online Kimetsu No Yaiba 177 | Review 176

Welcome back to my blog. on this occasion I will try to provide the latest information about the latest Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba. You can read the latest manga on official sites such as mangaplus, vizmedia, and crunchyroll.

We have seen reviews from the Demon Slayer where demonic pillars can defeat Kakushibou with all their strength. I also can't believe that the 12-month-old devil above is that strong.

We have seen one interesting discussion from chapter 173 to 176 where kakushibou turns out to have another name namely Michikatsu Tsugikuni. And also this kakushibou has a younger brother, Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

In this brief review kakushibou is able to use breathing techniques up to a high level of strength. the pillar in my opinion is still far below the level of kakushibou.

Only these pillars fought together to defeat Kakushibou. from the results of the analysis it is possible sanemi can if head to head one on one against kakushibou.

Luckily, Sanemi was helped by Himejima and Tokyo who were willing to make her body split. But despite that they still have difficulty fighting Michikatsu Tsugikuni who has super fast regeneration.

The climax is that we know that Genya is a key player who has made this top month unable to move. Besides that, Tokito also managed to hold Kakushibou.

Indeed, in fact Himejima and tikoti gained more power after their senses were at their deepest level. the pillars' collaboration was very solid but they certainly suffered severe injuries.

Genya might die and Tokyo will also suffer the same fate as Genya. but I also saw that Kakushibou was off guard because for a moment I remembered Yoriichi Tsugikun, even when he was about to die, his younger brother kept appearing in his memory and finally he disappeared.

This might be part of the most interesting battle scenes in the Demon Slayer manga Kimetsu No Yaiba. Upper level pillar against top level moon devils. in the next why in chaper 177 of course we will see the fate of Genya and Tokito whether they will survive?

We will look forward to the release schedule for Kimetsu No Yaiba chapter 177 which was officially released on 6 October 2019 on the mangaplus site. however, the raw scan version will usually be released on October 4, 2019.