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One Piece Chapter 959 Release Date

Welcome back to m blog. on this occasion I will give the latest review of one piece manga. You can read one piece manga on the official online manga reading sites such as Mangaplus, Vizmedia and Crunchyroll. There is bad news where one piece 959 breaks next week and doesn't release.

okay we discuss one piece 958 in advance where we will be taken by oda sensei to see the past of the Roger pirates and their relationship with the lords Oden where they were together and of course Oden had a party shortly before the Great Pirate Era began.

Maybe here thanks to roger pirates who don't seem to be criminal criminals who make kozuki oden Oden believe and decide to open the country of Wano in 20 years with his great subordinates.

we also see Roger's men namely Shanks, Rayleigh, Buggy and Mihawk who were once loyal members of the pirate Rogers. they partied together. and in my opinion this might be a tradition practiced by orochi.

Where is the pirate party held now by Onigashima Island and coincidentally Kaido and Big Mom alliance at the right time. It is possible after Kaido attacked Wano that the traditions in Wano continued to run but in accordance with the party of the pirates.

but still remains a mystery why the country of wano is still closed to the outside world we can not know for sure especially after Lord Oden's great war against Kaido. and under the rule of kaido and orochi wano became very closed even the world government was difficult to know what was happening in the country of wano.

we return to the present after 25 years, the Wano arc Act 3 is restarted. The smenetara leaders' discourse, Momonosuke and his subordinates, gather at Udon, but no ships and 4000 troops can be found. There is a sign of being attacked. Momonosuke could not contact Luffy and Hyou. The incident happened last night.

the results of my analysis may be that the traitors have given an important meeting point of the alliance to the Oochi and the Oochi Samurai forces have arrived at Udon first and carried out attacks.

This would be a war between samurai in Udon if indeed Momonosuke and Orochi troops trapped them. and their risk is unavoidable. we will know the one piece chapter 959 manga raw scan version which will be released on October 18, 2019.

Please be patient with one piece fans because next week one piece 959 is off. we certainly have to wait for two weeks. and you can still read the online one piece 959 manga at mangaplus, vizmedia and crunchyroll on the official schedule on October 20, 2019.

don't forget to buy the latest manga or comic if it is circulating in your country. see you again in prediction of one piece 959. thank you.