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Manga One Piece Chapter 959 Garp go to Wano to save Luffy?

one piece chapter 959 prediction. hello op lovers on occasion I will give the latest one piece manga. the third round of wano seems to be entering the final battle. Luffy's alliance and nine red scabbards in unfavorable conditions.

Troops led by Momonosuke seem to have been hit by a trap. this is indeed a result of the actions of Oochi through his men. It seems that the battle on Onigashima would be difficult if Orochi blocked Luffy's alliance in the beginning.

We flasback first where some of the previous chapters and brief reviews of one piece manga have given new facts. we see the origin of the pirate rocks which is Rock D. Xebec who is the pirate leader of the criminals.

This rock pirate is the biggest enemy of Gold D Roger. and the young navy at that time was Sengoku and Monkey D. Garp. These two navies are indeed pursuing Roger and Rocks.

But to defeat them all at once is certainly not an easy thing. so Garp cooperates and forms an alliance with Roger to defeat the Rocks pirates in God Valley.

Roger and Garp alliance produces a positive side that makes the pirates rocks lose and they then disappear may only be left Kaido and Big Mom. and maybe Garp was at that time the most influential hero among the navy.

Roger and Garp, in my opinion, have something to do with the Wano country that is related to Kozuki Oden and may be the reason why Roger could be arrested and executed in East Blue. Maybe there is something important to roger after getting one piece.

Garp may be old because of age. but it seems that hearing the big mom and kaido come back together will probably be a big disaster for the world government and the world of pirates.

Like it or not, the force is also a time bomb for the world government because with the coming together of ex-pirate rocks, maybe they will be more dangerous than the past pirate era.

Maybe Garp is the right solution to overcome the chaos in the land of Wano and to help his grandson Luffy also defeated the alliance of Big Mom and Kaido. well that's probably a little prediction from me in one piece 959.

You can read the latest manga one peice chapter on official sites such as Mangaplus, Vizmedia. Crunchyroll. One piece 959 manga will be released on October 20, 2019 for official release and for raw scans it will usually come out on October 18.