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Demon Slayer Fact of Character Muzan Kibutsuji

Welcome to my blog. on this occasion I will provide information about the killer demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba character that is about the great enemy of the pillars and tanjiro kamado he is muzan kibutsuji. we know that the anime kimetsu no yaiba season one has finished with 26 episodes. and in season 2 we will continue with the demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba the movie for the devil's train arc. the manga version itself has entered chpater 177.

We know from the very beginning the appearance of anime and manga demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba has attracted a lot of fans' attention and this anime gets a high rating maybe if I think it's higher than the samurai 8 manga.

okay back to the main antagonist character. Kibutsuji Muzan is the most powerful demon. Muzan may even be thousands of years old and has an army of demons of the moon and demons of the moon.

Muzan is also the most powerful supplier of demon blood, most likely the top moon devil has received a lot of demon blood from Muzan Kibutsuji. certainly different from the demons of the lower moon that are still only a little they receive blood from muzan.

This muzan figure may already be at the highest level and may also no longer eat humans. Muzan may also have done a lot of experiments so that blood has a unique ability.

the upper moon devils and their lower moon devils have different abilities. now we certainly know after the death of ibis Rui. There are only one remaining 12 moon demons left. because according to Muzan they are too weak.

muzan kibutsuji figure also until now was able to change the shape and aura. in my opinion it might be the same as Orochimaru which can change gender.

Muzan also certainly had a strong enemy and we know that Muzan was obsessed with hanafuda earrings. most likely this muzan ever fought with Yoriichi Tsugikuni who is a user of the breath of the sun.

muzan may experience a defeat that is quite painful and sad when against the user of the breath of the sun. therefore the kibutsuji muzan slaughtered the kamado family who are heirs of the users of the breath of the sun or the tradition of hinokami kagura and hanafuda earrings.

Muzan might one day fight Tanjiro Kamado who will master the technique of the breath of the sun. but of course it's still a long time considering that kamado is currently still developing and is still in charge of the breath of water technique.

well, that's probably what I can convey to fans of demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba. one of the main characters of the strongest antagonist is muzan kibutsuji. of course information about him is still a lot not yet known.

we will continue to watch the latest anime and manga kimetsu no yaiba. You can watch anime and manga on official online reading sites such as Mangaplus, Vizmedia, Ccrunchyroll.