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Demon Slayer 180 Kimetsu No Yaiba Release Date

It's shocking what happened at kimetsu no yaiba 179 where tokito might be in my opinion would die from getting a pretty severe injury. But certainly the sister of Sanemi whose body was separated into 2 parts must have died.

Demon Slayer 180 Kimetsu No Yaiba Release Date

In the discussion of the latest demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba, it tends to tell the events after the battle against the 12 kizuki or the devil of the moon over a very strong.

It seems like these high-level demon exterminators called pillars are not strong enough to deal with moon devils. We see the fate of Rengoku and then Shinobu Kocho and then there is another Tokiyo may die also after them.

If according to my analide, the pillars have weak breathing techniques even in the highest level conditions and can use more than 10 horses but their breathing technique is still a derivative.

The only thing that is pure is the legacy of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who was the first pioneer of the user of the breath of the sun. And even Muzan Kibutsuji's classmates were helpless against it.

Maybe that's why Muzan wants to kill Tanjiro Kamado who is the last descendant of the user of the breath of the sun. If Tanjito is able to use all the breath of the sun, maybe 12 kozuki or upper moon can be easily defeated.

Okay that's a brief discussion of demon slayer chapter 179. You can read it in full on the official online reading site at mangaplus and viz. There you can read the latest version of manga.

The schedule for the release date of Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 180 will be released on October 25 for raw scan and the official version and color release date is 27 October 2019.

Don't forget to buy the latest kimetsu no yaiba manga if it's already circulating in your country. Thank you until you meet again in the next manga discussion.