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Demon Slayer 181 Kimetsu No Yaiba Release Date

welcome to my channel. on this occasion I will provide information about the manga release date demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba. You can read the manga online at official sites like mangaplus and viz. we will discuss kimetsu no yaiba chapter 181 release date.

well what happened in the previous chapter, I have several predictions. The basic is whether Muzan managed to destroy the demon slayers? In my opinion, after a few pillars have spread and fought with the upper moon, their power is divided.

Eventually it might be at the headquarters of the pillars and the demon hunters that all might die by the upper moon and even muzan intervene. Then did Kibutsuji Muzan succeed in finding the Tamayo Devil who was a doctor? we know that tamayo is a devil who is trying to find a way to return the devil back to being human.

but it is possible according to my prediction that Muzan will finish off Tamayo which may be the only hope of Tanjiro at this time so that Nezuko can return to being human. we might also see tomioka and tanjiro going to the pillar headquarters.

ok back to the schedule of release demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba 181 where the release date will be release on November 1, 2019. The official version will come out on November 3, 2019 for the color version in Mangaplus.