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Boruto 129 Relesae Date Little Naruto Meet Boruto

welcome to my blog on. on this occasion I will provide the latest information from the anime boruto episode 128 and also the Boruto 129 release date schedule. Well what has happened in this latest Bortuo anime. let us refer to the discussion of a brief review where little Naruto meets the following boruto below.

Boruto 129 Relesae Date Little Naruto Meet Boruto

Naruto 20th birthday apparently gave the best gift for Boruto who will meet his father, Naruto in childhood. mamashi ksimoto has agreed and agreed that the birthday gift will provide a special gift for naruto fans.

Of course this is good news right? what is certain is that I am also happy to be able to look back on Naruto's past as a child. still continuing about the otsusuki arc which seeks to take all the chakra of the bijuu.

although this is indeed hard for the Otsusuki clan representative, Urashiki, because they have to collect the bijuu by themselves. because we know that the senior had lost and died trying to gather back the bijuu. apparently in the latest Boruto episode we see a time machine.

this boruto 128 fact shows that the time machine is a tortoise-shaped device. the device was indeed found at the bottom of the sea. and the Konoha party through the archaeological agency to save the object.

We know that only the Otsusuki clan can activate the object and that is Urashiki and apparently it is a time machine. actually urashiki wants to go to the past to retrieve the kyuubi chakra but doesn't want to miss apparently boruto and sasuke along with urashiki.

So until here they were apparently lost in the past era where the village of Konoha was still led by Godaime Hookage namely Tsunade. and it seems like Naruto is still doing rasengan and kuchiyose no jutsu training.

who knows what happened in what is certain in the boruto episode 129 little naruto meets boruto. well for the schedule and release date 129 will be released on October 20 2019. You can watch the anime boruto on mangaplus, vizmedia, crunchcyoll. see you next week.