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Boruto 128 Release Date | Epic Fight Naruto vs Urashiki?

welcome back to my blog. on this occasion I will provide information about the latest Boruto anime. next week of course we will enter boruto episode 128 where naruto will fight urashiki. But before we review the previous episode first.

Of course yesterday's episode is still warm in your memories. we see how curious the konoha genin is. especially Boruto who wanted to read about Jiraiya's icha icha tactic book.

Initially it was Boruto who wanted to find out information about Jiraiya who was a teacher as well as Naruto's parents. even though we know actually Jiraiya only wants to protect Naruto from the members of Akatsuki.

indeed a little unsatisfactory because Borum Uzumaki, Uchiha Sarada, and Akchoiji Chocho even though they cannot read the legendary books by Jiraiya. we know maybe the contents of the icha icha tactic book contain adult content so that Boruto and his friends cannot read the book.

However, let's forget about Jiraiya and his legendary book. We will enter a new episode where in the preview of Boruto 128 Otusuki Urashiki is again seen in Konoha Village.

Most likely we will see the epic battle of Naruto Uzumaki vs. Otsusuki Urashiki. we know they haven't met in person, right? What will happen if Naruto vs Urashiki? will all the strength and abilities that he has come out all?

We will see the continuation of the 128 anime boruto episode where the regular schedule comes out on Sunday and next week is the official boruto 128 release date on October 13, 2019. You can watch online anime 128 boruto on the official sites of Vizmedia and Crunchyroll.