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Black Clover Chapter 226 Release Date

Welcome to my blog. On this occasion I will give information about the schedule for the release of Black 226 Clover Chpater which will be released on November 1 2019 for raw scan. You can read the latest black clover manga on the official site to read manganese such as mangapls and viz.

before that let us briefly review the previous chapter. We have seen the head of the water spirit armor, there are fish fins. Could the fish-faced queen be the mother, Noelle?

Looks like her mother Noelle (Acier) and her mother Mimosa are siblings who come from the kingdom of the heart, then marry into the royal family of Clover. So it's no wonder that Mimosa has been to the Kingdom of Heart before.

Then why does the royal heart seem to want to kill asta? out of revenge for Acier's death due to the demonic demon curse.

Is the devil in Grimore asta a megicula demon? I don't think so, but on the last page the armor figure said "I've been waiting for your devil", maybe the demon asta has something about the devil megicula or he is indeed megicula.

Is this between them having a grudge against the devil or not the kingdom of the heart is destined by the devil to kill the devil Asta

is it possible that noelle will get water magic SPIRIT ??? could noelle get new magic abilities? watch it all in the next discussion