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Black Clover 224 Release Date

Welcome back to my blog. on this occasion I will provide the latest information in the discussion of black clover 223 and of course about the schedule and date of the release of manga black clover 224. but before that I will give a brief review of the latest chapter.

In the previous chapter we saw the bleary figure of Noelle's mother who possessed and curses her. The devil is named Megicula. but unfortunately there is no continuation of the demon megicula.

well in this 223 black clover chapter we are shown the figures of asta and yami who go to and visit the agrippa family. but in my opinion this family is quite strange because their family members have the same face. Even her dog has the same face.

Now that's in a nutshell I'll give you just a few important pounds where asta actually wants to find information about the demon curse of the Gordon family. they were even invited to eat and some of my friends were afraid.

Will reach this family of Gordon is already famous as a curse of magic to humans it's just that maybe their faces are all the same so they do not have friends or neighbors.

Well, I will give the latest schedule of the 224 black clovers manga which will be released on 11th October 2019 for the raw scan version. You can read it on the official site which will be released on October 14, 2019 on online reading sites such as Mangaplus, Vizmedia and Crunchyroll.