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Zoro Will Fight Kaido on Onigashima Island?

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide information about Zoro's new power in the Wano arc. for fans of straw hat pirates this might be good news. Because Zoro's chance to become the number one swordsman will be realized. maybe this is one of the results of a review of the latest one piece manga 955 so I made a theory about the fight Zoro vs Kaido.

Who would have thought that the Wano arc that started with Zoro, which made the problem more likely would be closed by Zoro with peace for the land of Wano.

This is just my opinion, After what happened to the latest one piece manga maybe Oda Sensei will make the character of Zoro stronger than before.

We know that Zoro has mastered haki to make the sword sharper and can split anything with his three swords. Zoro is probably the first person in one piece who will become an expert in using 3 swords.

After all this time, Oda Sensei gave a new weapon, the legendary sword Enma, through intermediary Kozuki Hiyori. The Enma sword has indeed become one of the strongest swords ever made by the shimotsuki clan.

The sword of Enma, according to Tenguyama, is a sword that can split hell and can be paired with the sword of Ame No Habakiri. Therefore Zoro is the right person to use one of these legendary swords.

Maybe right now Zoro still has to adapt using the sword Enma. And in my opinion most likely is Zoro will fight against Kaido. It was based on an analysis that the sword is a symbol of freedom and the wano's sovereignty from the legacy of kozuki oden.

Oden never failed to protect the land of Wano from kaido and maybe this time with the same sword that is the sword of Enma with the new owner and a swordsman, maybe Zoro has a chance to help Luffy defeat Yonkou Kaido.