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The History of Rocks Pirates D. Xebec

welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will give a recent review of One Piece 957 which shows the former flat admiral, Sengoku, who provided information on the history of the Rocks Pirates which has the full name of Rocks D. Xebec.

I'm a little surprised in this chapter it seems like Wano has many hidden secrets. from the era of pirate gol d. roger until now. in my opinion it will be related to their past and why the kaido have been at home in wano.

The latest facts from the pirates were slowly revealed again by Oda Sensei through the former Sengoku Flat Admiral. Recent facts state that goals from Roger and Rocks d Xebec are mortal enemies.

Rock pirates also seem to be the most dangerous and most dangerous pirates, that's why Garp wants to form an alliance with the pirate D Rogers to defeat the rock pirates. not only that it turns out that the rock men besides big mom and kaido also have the name Whitebeard who was once in a ship.

This may not escape from wano and kozuki oden in the past whether after the pirates rocks broke up on the island of god vallet then the men split and kaido had oden to control wano.

We also know the latest fact that gol roger also has a close relationship with Lord Kozuki Oden. whether after the execution of death roger then kaido returned to wano? then how is the fate of the world naval government, will they also come to wano?

This is just a prediction maybe under the leadership of the Admiral Akainu Flat, the navy will head for Wano and maybe it will also help Luffy's alliance against the Big Mom and Kaido pirate alliance.

we might find out more information about pirate rocks in the one piece chapter 958 manga which will be released on October 4, 2019. You can read the latest manga on the official Mangaplus website.