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The History of The Legendary Sword Enma and Ame No Habakiri

Welcome back to my blog, which on this occasion will provide information about the latest one-piece chapter. The Wano Arc is one of the most interesting scenes for me and maybe also for one piece fans. One of the mysteries of the legendary sword in Wano is the Sword of Enma anda Ame no habakiri.

Enma sword is one of the swords owned by the wano lord named kozuki oden. In the past oden sebenanrynya also has 2 swords because the wano lord is a warrior or samurai with 2 sword users. In addition to the Enna Kozuki sword, Oden also has the Amo No Habakiri sword.

On the other hand the heyday of the oden's power had to collapse when the kaido pirates came to colonize the land of wano together with orochi. Oden once fought kaido and thanks to the sword Enma Kadoi was injured.

Even though the oden ruler lost the battle against kaido, the enma sword and ame no habakiri are still well preserved. The enma sword was given to Kozuki Hiyori and the ame no habikiri sword was given to Momonosuke.

For now Hiyori gave the enma sword to Zoro. Hiyori believes that Zoro can use the Enma sword well against Kaido on Onigashima Island.

However, Enma's sword seems to have great strength and is very difficult to control. Zoro tried the enma sword and missed his target, splitting the cliff.

it seems like the enma sword has its own movements and wills. It won't be easy for Zoro to master the power of the legendary Enma sword. However, with the Enma sword, maybezoro will become the number one swordsman in the world of one piece and might be able to defeat the Yonkou Kaido.

Recent facts reveal that the Enma sword is made by the shimotsuki clan Kauzaburo and the pairing of the Enma sword is the Wado Ichimonji sword.

On the other hand the ame no habakiri sword is one of the legendary swords made by the Tenguyama Hitetsu clan and the pair of the ame no habakiri sword is the Shandai Kitetsu sword.

That is information from the legendary sword Enma and Amame Habakiri. For one piece fans, don't forget to keep your health healthy.

Simply eat with the right nutrients such as eating fruits and enough vegetable protein and animal protein. Avoid staying up late at night and are advised to exercise regularly. See you in the next article.