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The Eye Ability of Jougan Boruto

Welcome to my blog. On this occasion I will provide the latest information about one of Boruto's anime characters namely Boruto Uzumaki who has the eye ability of Jougan. where the power of jougan develops. This may take a long time until Boruto takes control of the jougan.

What is meant by jougan eyes? in my opinion if viewed from all episodes. Borou's jougan is still unclear the strength of these eyes. but there are already some references that reveal the power of this eye.

Before that let us first review the history of jougan which is only owned by boruto. Not just any shinobi can have the power of this eye because to get this eye a shinobi must defeat the otsusuki clan which is the highest clan.

Maybe it was destined for Boruto Uzumaki after defeating Otsusuki Momoshiki then he suddenly got a karma seal and his right eye turned into a jougan.

It is possible that Naruto who defeated Otusuki Momoshiki can become the power of Jougan and Karma Seal will be in Naruto's hands. Without help from Naruto and Sasuke and the Kage, Boruto might not suffer this fate.

In fact, Boruto's eye has a special ability and is certainly very different from the Byakugan, Sharingan and Rinnegan The eye has the ability to see the aura of a person's feelings like hatred.

Yes maybe we have also seen when Boruto defeats the eye power that is also able to see the weak points of one's chakra. yes a little almost the same as the Byakugan.

Then the latest is on the Otashusuki Urashiki arc. We are shown again the power of the eye jougan is able to see the appearance of enemies that can disappear.

The fact is that Urashiki knows the history of the eyes of this jougan. maybe among his clans there are those who already have this eye or indeed there are users of this eye before uzumaki boruto

If it is true whether urashiki will be a strong opponent for Boruto in the future? we don't know that for sure. Because jougan is a shitty eye for urashiki.

However, currently Boruto does not know and is able to use these eyes as he wishes. for a moment in a state of urgency, the eyes of the Jougan Boruto's can be active suddenly.